Pakistan wants your money – No Strings Attached.

I had been working on another article for some days now. Its still taking shape as I mull over things – but this just cropped up and it is so patently absurd that I’m going to write and post it right away. If it sounds impulsive, its because it is.

How dare you tell what to do with your money

How dare you tell us what to do with your money. I'll protest by burnin my crotch!

I came across this article on the New York Times detailing the various heart-aches that regular Pakistanis are having about being told that there are conditions tied to the extraordinary aid (7.5 Billion dollars over 5 years) being doled out to them by the Kerry-Lugar bill. Apparently they feel entitled to an NSA (no-strings-attached) relationship worth $7.5B. They don’t just want your money. They want your love baby! Continue reading


Does robust critique alienate moderate muslims ?

But it's OK to bash jews, christians, hindus and other infidels

But it's OK to bash jews, christians, hindus and other infidels

One of the pearls of received wisdom is that Muslim moderates should not be alienated in the process of confronting Islamic belligerence. I received a comment on an earlier article from Garreth where he has expressed this sentiment. I am including a quick excerpt below and you can see his full comments here and here .

“Will this (robust criticism of Islam) alienate the moderates and push more of them towards fundamentalism in the long run? Secondly, what exactly does forceful anti-jihadi discourse achieve?”

Garreth is certainly not an apologist for Islam but he questions whether it would be wiser to have a gentler approach toward moderates while continuing relentless attack on extremists. Firstly, I’d like to thank Garreth for this thought-provoking comment and then explore his question in this post.

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Muslim moderates are culpable (if not complicit)

WTC Collapse Do you recall that fateful day on Sep 11 2001 when 19 men proclaimed the greatness of Allah and acted on the dictates of their faith?  Do you recall the loud denouncements from Islamic institutions that soundly rebuked these hotheads? Do you remember how mosques from Quetta to Cairo repudiated Osama Bin  Laden and issued fatwas against  Mullah Omar?  Do you marvel at the fact that 99% of all muslims – who are call themselves “moderates” – swiftly showed their  solidarity and made the remaining 1% (“extremists”) outcastes and pariahs?

Me neither!

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Islamic belligerence: encouraged by multiculturalism

And we wonder how they got so zealous?

Evidence that Islam is a Religion of Peace.

This is the last of my 4-part series on why I single Islam out for criticism. In earlier posts I have outlined the peculiarly insidious nature of Islamic societies, Islamic causes and Islamic impulses. I will devote this post to characteristics of liberal societies (typically in the west) that grant Islam an undeserved deference. There are several causes of such deference – all of which neatly fit under the banner of “Multiculturalism”.

In an earlier post I have shown how multiculturalism coddles Islam. In this post, I will expand on that idea and show how it emboldens Islamic militancy. Continue reading

Historical injustice leads to Islamic violence? Bullshit!

Islamic violence originates in the KoranA few days ago, I received a comment from Maidak stating that historical injustices cannot be ignored when viewing Islamic violence. He goes on to state other examples that reflect our dual-standards and therefore asks me to temper my views based on those points.

Firstly, I want to thank Maidak for his reason-based criticisms. They are far more respectable than dogmatic outbursts. However, I profoundly disagree with each and every one of his points and I will dedicate this post to refuting those.

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Why focus on Islam and Islamic excesses

Why focus on IslamLast week, I received an email from a cousin living in the UK who read a couple of my blog posts. Her email had two major points:

  1. Surprise at my (supposed) “antipathy” towards Muslims / Islam.
  2. Excesses in Islam exist – but so do excesses in Christianity, Hinduism…. I have also received some feedback (in the comments section) urging me to not lose sight of the fact that Islamic dogma is not uniquely pernicious.

Hence, I feel the need to clarify why I focus on Islam and the excesses committed under the banner of Islam.  As I started writing this, I realized that this post is a bit long but shortening  it would entail being broad, blunt and therefore unpersuasive. So I have decided to split this theme into four posts bearing four reasons.

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Confronting Islamic Terror

Several weeks ago I had written that Islam is the root-cause of Islamic terror. I had identified the Koran as the ideological source and motivation for the carnage that is conducted in the name of Islam.  Although I had said I’d follow that post with one which talked about confronting this menace, I hadn’t got down to doing so until Uzza ( called a foul on it. So here goes…(beware its a long post)

We must realize that Islamic terror is the singularly biggest menace we face because it is riding two torpedoes at once. On the one hand it is fueled by a dark-ages doctrine that sanctifies indiscriminate and self-righteous violence. On the other hand, it is equipped with a dazzling array of modern technology (including weaponry) with which to conduct its Jihad. This combination constitutes a lethal mix of ends and means.

hamas rally

It would be less dangerous if Islamic militancy were only carried out on horseback with spear and sword. However, Islamists today have the internet for organizing, communicating, propagating and recruiting. They may not have nuclear weapons (as yet) but the weaponry that they do possess is more than sufficient because their adversaries are not the armed forces of the world but the unarmed civilians of the world (particularly the west). Continue reading