Pakistan wants your money – No Strings Attached.

I had been working on another article for some days now. Its still taking shape as I mull over things – but this just cropped up and it is so patently absurd that I’m going to write and post it right away. If it sounds impulsive, its because it is.

How dare you tell what to do with your money

How dare you tell us what to do with your money. I'll protest by burnin my crotch!

I came across this article on the New York Times detailing the various heart-aches that regular Pakistanis are having about being told that there are conditions tied to the extraordinary aid (7.5 Billion dollars over 5 years) being doled out to them by the Kerry-Lugar bill. Apparently they feel entitled to an NSA (no-strings-attached) relationship worth $7.5B. They don’t just want your money. They want your love baby! Continue reading


The (poor) Case for God and Lisa Miller’s apologetics.

Out, Out, Damned Atheists (Sep 11 09)

Out, Out, Damned Atheists (Sep 11 09)

Its been a loooong while since I wrote on this blog (and yes… shame on me for that). I have little to offer by way of excuse or even an explanation.  It would be dishonest to say that I did not have time (although that would be partly true). But it would be more honest to say that nothing provoked me to sort out the threads of an argument and thus explore the truth content within them.

But that provocation has arrived. Albeit unexpectedly – but arrived nonetheless!

Lisa Miller recently wrote a Newsweek column raving about a book by Karen Armstrong called “The Case for God”. Frankly, the article is so full of bullshit that it took me a couple of days to ensure that my annoyance did not get in the way of my rebuttal.

Ms. Miller is effusive about Armstrong’s high-minded arguments in support of Religion and God.  However, it seemed to me that she was more thrilled at the prospect that a high-minded and noble-sounding answer had finally arisen to subdue (if not silence) the insolent atheists who ruthlessly flog religion and God.  It is NOT the strength of Ms. Armstrong’s arguments that seems to have swooned Miller but the tone of noble gallantry. In short, style over substance! I was particularly irritated by this segment :

Armstrong shows that for most of human history, “faith” and “reason” were not mutually exclusive and that even today all kinds people believe in a God that in no way resembles the God the atheists despise.

Faith and Reason are not mutually exclusive? What kind of drivel is this?? Faith is precisely the abandonment of reason! When you believe in something without evidence and despite contrary evidence – that is *faith*. What else does it mean to say that one has faith in a magic amulet or in the claim that world was created in 6 days? Continue reading

Cosmotaliban – for the woman who can breed

Spreading Islamic bitterness liberally

Spreading Islamic bitterness and un-lightenment liberally

Condom Attack

Invoking Allah's wrath through condoms

Holy beards invoking Allah's wrath through condoms

Islam: Overbearing arrogant and intrusive

Islam - Overbearing, arrogant and intrusive

Defending Islam against marauding cartoonists

This is the 3rd installment proceeding from my earlier post about Why I focus on Islam and Islamic excesses. In this post, I will dwell on the theme that Islam is haughty and arrogant and simply cannot countenance the idea of keeping to itself. Not only does it seek accommodation it demands respect (which, I hasten to clarify, is far from “commanding respect”).

While all religions would love to hold sway over the multitudes, Islam is probably the worst offender on this score. Islam’s voracious appetite for dominance makes it overbearing, arrogant and intrusive. Continue reading

Why focus on Islam and Islamic excesses

Why focus on IslamLast week, I received an email from a cousin living in the UK who read a couple of my blog posts. Her email had two major points:

  1. Surprise at my (supposed) “antipathy” towards Muslims / Islam.
  2. Excesses in Islam exist – but so do excesses in Christianity, Hinduism…. I have also received some feedback (in the comments section) urging me to not lose sight of the fact that Islamic dogma is not uniquely pernicious.

Hence, I feel the need to clarify why I focus on Islam and the excesses committed under the banner of Islam.  As I started writing this, I realized that this post is a bit long but shortening  it would entail being broad, blunt and therefore unpersuasive. So I have decided to split this theme into four posts bearing four reasons.

Continue reading

Psychology of Islamic intolerance

seething_islamI have noticed that chauvinism is often the outer-garment of an inner insecurity. People that are most ardent about upholding a woman’s honor by secluding her in a kitchen or a home are the ones who are actually deathly afraid of competing against her in the workplace.

Religious chauvinism follows the same pattern of behavior. Religious zealots wax poetic about the “greater meaning” behind their piety and denounce secular (or non-religious or irreligious) pursuits as “shallow materialism” only because they cannot possibly compete against the richer and more intelligent paradigms of science and rationality.

I have the distinct suspicion that the Islamic zealotry is yet another example of chauvinism which is borne out of a deep seated fear, insecurity and lack of self-esteem. I’d like to explore that theme in this post. Continue reading