Pakistan wants your money – No Strings Attached.

I had been working on another article for some days now. Its still taking shape as I mull over things – but this just cropped up and it is so patently absurd that I’m going to write and post it right away. If it sounds impulsive, its because it is.

How dare you tell what to do with your money

How dare you tell us what to do with your money. I'll protest by burnin my crotch!

I came across this article on the New York Times detailing the various heart-aches that regular Pakistanis are having about being told that there are conditions tied to the extraordinary aid (7.5 Billion dollars over 5 years) being doled out to them by the Kerry-Lugar bill. Apparently they feel entitled to an NSA (no-strings-attached) relationship worth $7.5B. They don’t just want your money. They want your love baby! Continue reading


A blood soaked crescent

Pakistani TerroristKill the hostages” the order went. “Except the two muslims. Keep your phones switched on so that we can hear the gunfire.” said a handler called Kafa to the murderous swine that conducted the massacre at the Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai.  “Inflict maximum damage. Keep fighting. Don’t be taken alive” are further instructions from Kafa. 33 People were killed at Oberoi Hotel during the operation of Nov 26th that ultimately claimed 170 lives.

Over at the Jewish complex, another recording shows another handler called Wassi exhorting the terrorists : “This is a matter of the prestige of Islam. Fight so that your fight becomes a shining example. Be strong in the name of Allah.” Six Jewish people, including a rabbi and his wife, were killed at the Jewish center. Continue reading

Pakistan – an International Tumor.

Hardly had the anti-terror operations begun in Mumbai when Pakistani commentators started to bemoan the “Indian-media tendency” of pointing an accusing finger toward Pakistan. They ignore the fact that it is not only an Indian tendency but a global phenomenon and it is based on a dubious track-record of being the epicenter of global jihad (e.g. London, Mumbai, Daniel Pearl….).

It is not for nothing that former Secretary of State Ms. Madeline Albright has called Pakistan an “international migraine” (not just any run-of-the-mill headache). With all due respect to Ms. Albright and her charitable outlook, I would like call it an “International Tumor”.

US$10B (that’s $10,000,000,000) and seven years later, the Taliban is still resurgent and the average Pakistani is still impoverished.  The US , it is clear, was woefully wrong in its approach. But whenever a change in approach or strategy is talked about, that conversation gets arrested by just 2 words: nuclear stockpile.

I don’t know about you – but this sounds rather like a hostage situation or blackmail to me. Consider the recent communications to Dr. Rice where the entire Pakistani establishment warned that in the event India initiated any hostility, Pakistan would have to consider the war on terror a low-priority and divert troops to the east (toward the Indian border).

Pakistan is much too used to getting away with such bluffs and hence repeats them sanctimoniously with religious regularity whenever conditions become adverse. What would happen if we called Pakistan’s bluff?

They would move their troops. Big deal! Those troops have pretty much not been there for most of the last seven years.  The US conducted air-strikes earlier this year precisely because Pakistani presence was meaningless. The US could simply fall back to the premise that the tribal region is theirs to quell and do so with might and vigour (and shall we say efficacy?).

In parallel, India could conduct strikes on terror sites in POK and also Karachi. Of course, this would start a war and of course this would cause blood-shed – but there is blood-shed even without a war. Many people worry that this could cause a nuclear conflagration. My contention is that it is only a bluff. Pakistan will thunder and rage – but it will almost certainly not press the nuclear trigger because that would most assuredly lead to self-destruction (due to Indian reprisals).

Pakistan, we must understand, is really a fiefdom with the Army running the show and the politicians playing bit parts and the people simply paying for all of this. The Pakistani Army is not in the business of serving the people. It is purely about self-survival. It is not likely to do something that assuredly destroys itself.

So Pakistan is not likely to press the nuclear trigger unless its survival is threatened. Targeted strikes in POK do not threaten its survival. It raises its hackles but nothing more. It is similar to the strikes in the tribal region earlier this year.

Frankly, I do not think it will even come to all this. When the threat of concerted US and Indian action becomes credible and real, the Pakistani high-command will buckle. It is at that point that we will see Pakistan take Indian demands for extradition seriously. It is at that point that Pakistan will actually stamp out LeT and JeM (even if it is grudgingly).

The Pakistani establishment is used to creating a stalemate situation by resorting to nuclear blackmail. We need to disabuse them of this notion now. I know some of you might think that this is a dangerous game of chicken but I am going by the experiences of the recent past:

Pakistan had a nuclear stockpile when 9/11 occurred. Did that play into the equation when Gen. Colin Powell made that famous call to the Commando?

Let us analyze a realistic (though fictitious) scenario. Let us suppose that a string of NYC hotels are bombed and 200 people die and several hundred more are injured. Let us presume that we have 1 surviving member of the bomber-squad who, upon interrogation, reveals that this was an operation that was run out of Pakistan. Will we expect the US to take action or be paralyzed that such an action could trigger a nuclear response?

My belief is that the US will take action and we will do it ruthlessly. And the fact that the US will act in that manner will persuade the Pakistani establishment to hand over the accomplices, kith, kin and all of the perpetrators without wasting time on courtesies such as “evidence”. The reason is because the Pakistani military is under no illusions about their survival if it came to a nuclear war. They will get beyond their bluster. They have done that in the past and they will do that in the future.

The nuclear threat is only as frightful as we allow it to be. But it assumes sinister proportions because it provides the perfect cover for “non-state actors” to go about their vile business safe in the assumption that there will be no consequences. This is the reason terror survives to strike yet another day.

Just in case, you think the scenario of bombing NYC hotels is far-fetched… just wait and see. It is only a matter of time before these terrorist or their fellow-travelers around the globe draw inspiration from this “successful operation” and try to achieve greater glory by duplicating it in a high-profile location.

If we don’t stop it now, we will have to spend much more in life and treasure to do it later.

A nation of wimps!


As the days pass, the Indian public finds out that the so-called “Security Apparatus” was purely a cosmetic pretense that crumbled under the slightest pressure.  The people are understandably enraged because of how disconnected the political establishment is from the core-mission of serving the people.

The  politicians only play out previously rehersed themes: i.e. Sack a few politicians ; Transfer a few civil-servants; Dole out insipid sops like “Resiliant Mumbai”, “The terrorists will never break our unity – PM” ….; Pretentious bluster “We shall give a fitting reply – Ms. Gandhi”

They want us to believe that they are working for us so that we will leave them alone until the fervor dies down. Then they can come back and ask for our votes. And you know what? We will give them our vote! And you know why? Because we are a nation of wimps!!

Democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Our government is a reflection of ourselves. And this is the government we elected as a representation of ourselves.  Wimpy and impotent!

I’ve seen an outpouring of public anger with slogans like “Enough is Enough”. Really is it? What *exactly* are we fed-up with? What *exactly* do we want? Speaking for myself, here’s what I want!


I want REAL PUNITIVE ACTION. I don’t want to hear about “non-state actors”. I don’t want to hear about “common-enemy”. I don’t want to hear about “peace process”. I want to hear about how and when specific terror locations were pulverized.  Dawood Ibrahim is said to live in Karachi. His address is : (WHITE HOUSE, NEAR SAUDI MOSQUE, CLIFTON in KARACHI (Pakistan)). His other details are at: I would like to believe that someone in the intelligence services knows his other whereabouts. I would like all of them bombed irrespective of collateral damage.

Granted that he is likely not hanging out in his Clifton bungalow – but the message is “We’re coming after you and we will nail your ass no matter where you are”.  Similarly, I want EVERY suspected training camp or madrassah in POK bombed.

I don’t want to hear about collateral damage, innocent civillians, collective punishment…. I want to see retribution – even if it is hugely expensive. Is this a bit dis-proportionate and heavy-handed?  YES. Precisely!!


It will tell the Pakistani establishment what we feel in *exactly* the language that they understand.  When confronted with horrific crimes, the Pakistani establishment talks about how their heart goes to the victims and their families …. but NEVER do they do anything concrete. They fall back on old defenses of saying that these are “non-state actors” or that they need “specific proof” of Pakistani involvement…


  1. The boats captured had GPS equipment with coordinates plotting the route they took from Karachi.
  2. The satellite phone recovered from the vessel had previously called numbers – pointing to terrorist cells in Pakistani territory.
  3. The terrorist CAPTURED ALIVE has confessed to being trained and equipped by the Lashkar-e-Tayeba in Pakistan along with all his compatriots. He has divulged extensive details about the operation and all of those point to activity emanating from Pakistan.

*EXACTLY* what constitutes more compelling evidence Mr. Zardari?

If you are still asking for proof then this itself is evidence  that you do not intend to “cooperate” or take any meaningful action. It is not as though the Pakistani establishment does not understand what is needed – they just don’t care! They have good reason to not care. They have never seen India being sincere in her outrage and hence has every reason to believe that once again India will just talk tough and then roll over and go back to sleep. Past performance bears testimony to the accuracy of this belief.

1993 Mumbai Bombings, 1999 Kargil Adventure (we were told those were non-state actors too), 1999 Indian Airlines hijacking to Khandahar,2001 Parliament Bombing, 2006-2008 Serial bomb blasts in Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, New Delhi……

And now you have the carnage in the waning weeks of 2008. Why should Pakistan believe that India cannot be taken for granted again? In fact, right now somebody in the establishment is probably thinking “Why do we need an Army at all when a small contingent of 10-15 terrorists can take down the financial capital for almost a week?”

Hence my conviction that Pakistan will change its course only when we give it incentive to do so. Massive and collossal bombing of suspected terror-sites should provide that incentive. The only question is: Do we have the stomach for it? Or are we a nation of wimps?  From the sound of our political leadership, it seems we are a nation of wimps!!

Its official! Its the jews again!

The bright minds who go by the title of “Pakistani Security Experts” have concluded that the Mumbai carnage was the handiwork of the Hindus and the Jews.

And the basis for this razor-sharp insight ?

  1. They don’t “look muslim”.
  2. One guy has a yellowish-orange wrist-band – clearly a sign of the Hindu saffron brigade.

So it is abundantly clear that the Indians wanted to “stage” this -just like the Americans staged 9/11 (with help from the Mossad) except that the Indians are too dumb to do a decent job of staging things.

If you understand Hindi/Urdu – see the video at

The major thrust of this “thesis” is that the Saffron Brigade staged this specifically to ensure that the top cops are assassinated because the same top-cops were on the verge of cracking open a case which would conclusively incriminate the BJP/VHP of crimes against minorities.