Heath care reform – thanks to Scott Brown.

Sen. Scott Brown

A couple of months ago I had written a harsh critique of the Democrats’ weak-kneed approach toward the health-care overhaul. I had held Obama and the Democratic leadership responsible for letting the national discourse degenerate to such levels that the American people had developed a distaste for the project itself.

While my criticism of democrats still holds true, it is time to give due credit and hail President Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid for the extraordinary and monumental legislative victory that was accomplished yesterday.

However, as I reflect upon the developments over the last few months, one name deserves special mention and that is Sen. Scott Brown. The fact that we have a half-way decent health-care legislation is largely (and ironically) due to his electoral success.

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Pissed off at Obama and the Democrats!

I'm pissed off at Obama and his crew of Democrats



Its been over a week since the Massachusetts election results  punctured the Democrats’ 60-vote majority and deflated the already anemic health-care initiative. That night I was deluged with various emotions ranging from anger to anxiety to frustration. It took me a couple of days to clearly grasp what I felt and pen it down.

The title of this post *precisely* conveys what I feel in a nutshell. I will discuss my reasons in the rest of this post.

But first I want to make a clarification: I am NOT a Democrat but I voted for Mr. Obama because I sincerely admire his capacity for intellectual discipline and his ability to inspire. So, when I express my displeasure, it is as a sincere supporter who would like to see him succeed and not as one of the numerous right-wing nut-jobs that seem to have acquired more prominence than they deserve. Continue reading