Hindu and Muslim Taliban are first cousins

In numerous earlier posts, I have been scathing in my attack against Islamic extremism. Piqued by the unabashed critique, some have counseled a gentler tone so as to not alienate “moderates”.  I have previously debunked the validity of that proposition and hence I will not being doing that here. Still others have urged me to consider that Islam is not the ONLY violent game in town and that there are others who deserve similar condemnation.

Religion is fundamentally divisive because it promotes an Us vs. Them mentality.

Although I fully agree that Islamic militancy is not the only plague of our times, the subject of those posts were specifically Islamic terrorism / militancy and hence I did not feel the need to dilute the subject matter of my post by including references to its virulent brethren. However, this time I would like to show that fascism is NOT the sole preserve of any one religion or any one community. Religious chauvinism has a common formula that is adopted and exercised by different practitioners. In doing so, they tweak the superficial elements (color: Green v/s Saffron or name: Lashkar v/s Sena) – but the basic constructs are *exactly* the same.

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Jihad humor for the long week-end

Jihad Fail (source: Fail Blog)

Jihad Fail (source: Fail Blog)

Its been a long while since I posted anything new here. I’ve been a bit occupied with things like earning a livlihood and hence been somewhat busy. I came across this pic on the Fail Blog .

As you can see, this devout dude is fulfilling his pledge to Allah. For this act of bravado of standing up to the Jews .. er .. juice, he will surely be rewarded by Allah. And if he were to actually kill/harm the juice – say the way 9/11 hijackers did to the Big Apple – he will be handed his quota of 72 virgins.

If you don’t believe me, see the postcard sent by Mohammed Atta (of 9/11 fame) showing us his randevouz with the first of his 72. Continue reading

Moderate Muslims’ – state of denial

Moderate muslims' indifference

Moderates do not engage in Jihad but they also do not convincingly repudiate those that do.

I came across this cartoon and felt that this captured the essence of the conversation so far.

To avoid ambiguity, let me clarify that “Moderate Muslim” refers to people of Islamic faith who do not relate to the Jihadi sentiment and yet do precious little to denounce, deride and otherwise de-legitimize it.

In fact groups that purport to speak in the name of “enlightened and moderate Islam” often engage in verbal acrobatics to dress up Islam and attempt to stifle any examination of the Jihadi impulse. Nitwit Nastik had posted this excellent YouTube video in the comments section earlier. I’m re-posting it here. If you did not get a chance to check it out earlier, take a look at it now.

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Does robust critique alienate moderate muslims ?

But it's OK to bash jews, christians, hindus and other infidels

But it's OK to bash jews, christians, hindus and other infidels

One of the pearls of received wisdom is that Muslim moderates should not be alienated in the process of confronting Islamic belligerence. I received a comment on an earlier article from Garreth where he has expressed this sentiment. I am including a quick excerpt below and you can see his full comments here and here .

“Will this (robust criticism of Islam) alienate the moderates and push more of them towards fundamentalism in the long run? Secondly, what exactly does forceful anti-jihadi discourse achieve?”

Garreth is certainly not an apologist for Islam but he questions whether it would be wiser to have a gentler approach toward moderates while continuing relentless attack on extremists. Firstly, I’d like to thank Garreth for this thought-provoking comment and then explore his question in this post.

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There – thats my wife. The one in black

There she is... No - not that one... the one beside her - in Black!

There she is... No - not that one... the one beside her - in Black!

As you can see, Islam treats women with dignity and stature. The unbelievers mock this noble practice by calling it “imprisonment” and “subjugation” but they know not the liberation and emancipation that the burqa brings.

Muslim women have been using this liberation to reach great heights and contribute handsomely to Islamic societies. Muslim women can freely go anywhere their male caretakers take them. You can see their joyful smiles – but you really ought not to be looking at them you despicable infidel!

Muslim moderates are culpable (if not complicit)

WTC Collapse Do you recall that fateful day on Sep 11 2001 when 19 men proclaimed the greatness of Allah and acted on the dictates of their faith?  Do you recall the loud denouncements from Islamic institutions that soundly rebuked these hotheads? Do you remember how mosques from Quetta to Cairo repudiated Osama Bin  Laden and issued fatwas against  Mullah Omar?  Do you marvel at the fact that 99% of all muslims – who are call themselves “moderates” – swiftly showed their  solidarity and made the remaining 1% (“extremists”) outcastes and pariahs?

Me neither!

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Cosmotaliban – for the woman who can breed

Spreading Islamic bitterness liberally

Spreading Islamic bitterness and un-lightenment liberally