Hindu and Muslim Taliban are first cousins

In numerous earlier posts, I have been scathing in my attack against Islamic extremism. Piqued by the unabashed critique, some have counseled a gentler tone so as to not alienate “moderates”.  I have previously debunked the validity of that proposition and hence I will not being doing that here. Still others have urged me to consider that Islam is not the ONLY violent game in town and that there are others who deserve similar condemnation.

Religion is fundamentally divisive because it promotes an Us vs. Them mentality.

Although I fully agree that Islamic militancy is not the only plague of our times, the subject of those posts were specifically Islamic terrorism / militancy and hence I did not feel the need to dilute the subject matter of my post by including references to its virulent brethren. However, this time I would like to show that fascism is NOT the sole preserve of any one religion or any one community. Religious chauvinism has a common formula that is adopted and exercised by different practitioners. In doing so, they tweak the superficial elements (color: Green v/s Saffron or name: Lashkar v/s Sena) – but the basic constructs are *exactly* the same.

Toward that end I have assembled a set of pictures and I invite you to join me in exploring the similarities. Continue reading


Ram Sena: The saffron Taliban

Pramod Mutalik - Ram Sena chief jihadiI need to momentarily deviate from my usual rants against the religion-of-peace and lavish my attention on another set of equally devout and pious pricks called the Ram Sena operating out of India. During my (somewhat) long absence from this blog, this group of spineless pigs shot to infamy for their strident defense of Hindu culture and Hindu tradition. Getting their puny chests puffed with self-righteous indignation, they valiantly mobbed, attacked and humiliated the single biggest threat to the Hindu Nation – i.e. the independent minded woman who goes clubbing and pubbing!

I imagine that you are rising from your chairs to applaud and salute their gallantry. I will expect nothing less!

Imitation is the highest form of flattery and it seems Hindu zealots are so thoroughly smitten by their Taliban cousins that they are eager to adopt their principles for themselves. These saffron swine are telling us that they are safeguarding Hindu culture from corrupting western influences (like Valentines Day). They have a notion of utopia – its called Ram Rajya (i.e.  The Dominion of Ram).  They seek to establish Ram Rajya here on earth – especially in India – and rid her of all this cancerous stuff called “progress”. Continue reading