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Rohit NarayanHi, I’m Rohit Narayan and I currently live in Austin – TX.

As you can tell from my name, I am of Indian origin and I moved to the US almost 15 years ago. I came to the US as a software engineer and worked at Netscape (remember Netscape Communications?) in the SF Bay Area. Then I decided to go back to school to do an MBA in 2002. Ever since, I have been living in  Austin with my wife and 2 kids.

I have often toyed with the idea of starting a BLOG as a venue for me to express so many opinions and ideas that keep coming to me. These ideas do not neatly fit into any one genre or category and hence are best called “musings”.  In keeping with the nature of “musings”, I have been uncertain about the regularity with which I can keep up with this effort and this has been the primary reason I have stalled actually getting one.

Then the Mumbai carnage occured in the Thanksgiving week of 2008 and something snapped! I have been a resident of Mumbai (Mumbai-kar) for most of my childhood.  Mumbai (or Bombay as I have known it) has been the place of my formative years.  To see that city in abject tatters generated a tsunami of emotions ranging from rage to frustration to sorrow. I found myself venting in the solitude of my car during my daily commute. And here is when I decided to start this BLOG.

Exposing the blood soaked crescent

Exposing the blood soaked crescent

I have long been un-impressed and un-persuaded by religious sentiments or religious ideology. But I was content with treating religiosity with studied indifference (if not a quiet disdain). But the Mumbai carnage awoke me to the fact that my silence was being treated as apathy and abused by religious extremists – particularly Islamic zealots. This blog is my modest attempt at reclaiming the conversation.

I do not have any specific direction or objective other than to state my mind. Hence the name : My Mind Droppings….. Hope you like it. If you need to contact me email me at rohitnarayanWP AT Gmail dot com.

Thanks for stopping by.


20 Responses

  1. Hi there HolyDude,
    Bruce returning the visit!

  2. Hi Holydude, as a person growing up in India and having muslim friends, I bought into the media propaganda and lies about Islam being a peaceful religion and thought it was muslims who were to blame and not Islam. In fact, I found my muslim friends nice humans and felt guilty in blaming their religion.

    My transformation and step into reality started before the mumbai attacks though when I started reading the Koran and reading the explanations of verses both by imams and ex-muslims like Ali-sina and ibn warraq. The ones by ex-muslims like Ali sina made so much sense than the ones by muslims. They seemed much more logical and truthful. Anyway after spendng months reading about Islam, I finally concluded that it was indeed mostly an evil cult with a few saving graces.

    Since then, I have tried to write about it although I feel that with sites like FFI, islam-watch, jihadwatch etc make most of my writings redundant. However, I do commend your bravery for writing about Islam especially without a pseudonym. Any societal change needs to build on a critical mass of thinkers and I think both of us contribute towards that. All the best in your endeavours. Stay safe and keep writing.

  3. Hi Nastik,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    I have been a skeptic for a long time but did not feel the need to confront religiosity overtly. I guess I was a bit lazy and felt that in a world illuminated by rationality, superstitions could be just ignored. However, I have come to the realization that religion is not in the habit of staying in its corner. It will try to dominate and Islam is even more assertive and dominant in its character.

    In view of this, it is all the more important to be defiant because silence (or indifference) is being considered by Islamists as weakness to be exploited. Notice the brazenness with which British Islamists dare to flaunt Sharia and insist on its application in Britain. They don’t reach that conclusion in a single day. They do it over time advancing one inch and one issue at a time.

    Modern civil society on the other hand is so besotted with Multiculturalism that we not only grant them a platform to spew their vile nonsense, we actually act as though the stuff they say is legitimate.

    We need to draw a line and say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”. We need to show that although we can allow diverse thought, we are not obliged to tolerate nonsense. We need to treat such mind-sets with the contempt these ideas deserve.

    And we cannot do this just by being quiet and “tolerant”. That is the driving motivation for this Blog.

    • two religions that are cancers for the world – islam and christianity … need radical treatments

  4. Some thoughts to consider:
    – How did a mostly Christian dominated west create Israel by taking Arab land in the first place? Why wasn’t Israel carved out of Germany, or the US.
    – US heavily funds Israel. Palestine receives no such funding, what can they do but fight with the only, pathetic weapons they have, sadly themselves.
    – How many islamic missionaries do you see vs Christian missionaries trying to “save” you
    – My friend asked me, if you see Amish people doing their own thing, would it provoke the same response that women in veils do? Is that not racism on our part?
    – On a more extreme front, how are what the terrorists doing different than what Christians did, exterminating entire civilizations and forcible conversions to Christianity
    – Hypothetical question – would US have dropped the A-bomb on a Christian nation?

    PS I too came from India, practicing Hindu. No vested interest in defending Islam (you’ll have to take my word for it). No one in my family is Moslem, and the Mumbai attacks disgust me. But I cannot blame the religion blindly without at least looking at the past 2000 years of facts and events.

    • makdai:

      get your facts. the Manhattan project was started as a secret weapons race between Nazi Germany and the USA, who started the atom bomb project later. had not the Germans fall before the bomb was completed, the intended victim of the bomb would have been CHRISTIAN Germans

      read the book ‘ science at war’ to better understand how the atom bomb came about.

  5. Hi Rohit, excellent blog. Came here from KG’s blog, and I’ll be back regularly.
    Maidak: About the Amish – I think they’re rather ridiculous, but no great threat to anyone, and this is why the response to Amish customs is not the same as the response to Muslim customs. The Amish, as far as I know, keep to themselves and do not try to impose their beliefs or customs on anyone else. The Muslims – and all other religions, in various degrees – DO NOT. This is why the Amish deserve a couple of jokes a year, while Islam deserves a regular barrage of ridicule and criticism.
    About your other points – the West and the US in particular are not fair in their treatment of Palestine and the Arab world, but this is not justification for the Muslim response. Islam is oppressive, foul and violent in itself. Christianity has been so in the past, and all religions today have their violent, oppressive, fundamentalist factions, but it seems to be a plain fact that Islam is right now the worst offender.
    As for your hypothetical question, any answer would only be conjecture, and would in any case be irrelevant to the discussion. Just as the Palestinian question is irrelevant. I’m mostly on the side of the Palestinians, but firmly against Islam.

    • wht ? the palestinians/muslims took that place by war from the earlier jews/christians rt? .. so how is it wrong to take it back from them by the same violence?why is ur “sickular” history always starting from islam , wht abt wht happened before that , does islam void all that for u?

  6. A most entertaining, intelligent and informative blog…

    nitwitnastik sums things up nicely in commending your bravery for not publishing under a pseudonym – for me, that in itself indicates why we should be concerned about the spread of Islam.

    I’ve put you on my blogroll in the hope that others will find you as interesting as I have…

  7. Hi Rohit!

    I’ve been reading your well thought and articulated comments on Nitwit’s blog, but since, couldn’t reach your blog by simply, clicking on your blog’s name there, thought you didn’t have one!

    Am very glad to have found it now as a matter of ‘serendipity’.

    I don’t write exclusively on atheism, but most of my posts do involve attempts at honest introspection and establishing cause-and-effect relationships, which I think are fundamental to reject most of the nonmaterialistic claims of various religions. And well for materialistic claims, we do have science 🙂

    I’ve just gone through your front page, and am very impressed with its organization.

    More on your other posts.

    Take care.

  8. Would you like to blog with me?

  9. Dear Rohit,

    Your insight into world and Islamic affairs is highly valued. I encourage you to continue producing “mind droppings.” There is much to discuss.

    Best wishes

  10. maidak needs to become informed about the incredible amount of support the murderous Palestinians receive from the US.
    We provide them with training and dollars. Check it out maildak. No shortage of tax dollars going to help them.

  11. Oh please – give me a break. “murderous” palistinians? more like resistance fighters, who like churchill said are brave enough to say: we will never surrender. it takes a lot of guts to fight with your own bodies – would you do it? I surely would not. How sad, that most people in the US hate them so much.

    I am an Indian Hindu, and I only wish we had so much guts to do what the Palistinians are doing against Israel. No, we were sheeps and allowed the British to mow us down willy-nilly, thinking its our karma and we’ll get rewarded in our next life.

    What could the Native Americans have done against European invaders and their superior firepower? What could the Indians/Pakistanis have done against superior British firepower. The brave Palistinians are living proof that can you stand up to an injustice and that there is nobility in going down fighting.

    Israeli jews have learnt well from nazis, too bad they don’t look in the mirror and see what they have become. I don’t have much sympathy for muslims, and don’t hold their close-minded religion in high regard. But in this case, lets call a spade a spade – US is the ultimate bully for creating an artificial country of foreigners out of nowhere and funding it billions of dollars in aid every year, and f*ing up the local population.

    • Mai Dak,
      I think it was the UN that partitioned Palestine in 1947.

    • Mai dak,

      I think you if you think that Islam is a peaceful religion and you need to defend it from its critics, you will have to speak from a position of knowledge – in other words, you ought to have read the Koran, the Sunnah and the Sira, all of which would give you – if you read with a rational and open mind – a pretty good idea of what Islam and its founder Mohammad are about. otherwise, you’re just voicing mere platitudes.

      In your posts, you keep on insisting that you’re a Hindu in an attempt to give the impression that you’re not speaking from confirmation bias; that you’re not a Muslim and therefore no one can acuse you of being biased or subjective for defending Islam and the Palestinians. That may well be the case, but I think that is not necessay; also, I think you protest too much. All you need to do is refute the points raised regarding the egregious teachings found in Islam and the less than salutary conduct of Mohammad’s and you would have come across as more that firing blank shots.

      As for your opinion about the Palestinian issue, you again reveal your penchant for shooting from the hip, a habit that can see you losing most of your toes. Pelase read up the history and background of the issue before making any comment. I suggest you read up on the 1917 Balfour Treaty and the origin of the Jewish people starting from 76 A.D. when they were ousted from Israel so as to give nuance to whatever comments you might subsequently make regarding the Palestinian issue.

      And while you’re busily throwing red herrings left, right and centre (referring to the Amish, NAtive Americans, etc) in a wild attempt to attenuate legitimate charges against Islam ( the ideology, mind you, not Muslims), you might as well mention the erstwhile northern Ireland conflict (Catholic versus Protetstant?) and the Tamil-Singhalese strife in Sri Lanka (Hindus versus Buddhists?). But while you’re at it, just remember that the protagonists in their respective arenas didn’t utter Lord Shiva is Great, or Long Live Buddha, or Christ Forever before hurling themselves into the jaw of death.

      Look around you. How many bloody massacres and conflicts in the world today are not tainted with the name of Islam? 911, Bali, Hotel Merriot Jakarta, London, Spain, Beslan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, southern Thailand, the Phillipines, Bombay…

      • Chuck, first off, please drop the preach-y attitude. Lets agree, I will not dictate how you write if you will not dictate to me.

        Strange you should bring up Balfour, even Wikipedia records it for what it is: a bunch of Jewish folks in UK getting together and deciding what’s what. Did you not read the bit at the bottom about the arab protests. Kind of reminds me of everything that was wrong with the League of Nations, if that means anything to you. If it does not, go read.

        If we are OK going back to the world landscape of 76AD in all aspects, great. 76AD. 76AD!!! Its absurd that this reason gets cited and given so much airtime everywhere. Maybe it would help to really study what the world looked like back then. Where should *you* go by your own prescription? Where were your ancestors in 76AD?

        Look – all religions are different. Yes Islam is a headstrong religion. I have a friend called Mohammed from school days so I know a thing or two beyond what Quran will tell you. Another (hindu) friend is married to a moslem. She too confirms its headstrong nature. But at least they do not come around to my house every other month to try to save me. How many wars are attributed to Christian missionary zeal. Do NOT preach to me from an illusory pedestal.

        Every religion is different. (Some) Moslems are willing to die for their beliefs – its not what I would do. But others think differently – deal with it. Maybe they look down on us that we are so weak to not be willing to die for our beliefs.

        Finally, do you not find it rather immaturish to push a viewpoint that basically puts you at war with a billion people. How can that be productive? What is the end goal? Extermination? Mass forced conversion?

  12. Nice site. May your tribe increase. May the Muslim and Indian population learn how to use reason.

  13. A really sharp scrutiny on a religion that proclaims saving the world while plunging it into conflict. Congrats! i see at least there are intellectual people paying attention to the problems that may destroy the world before the end of this century.

    I grow up listening to calls for prayers fives times a day, in a country where Islam is the official religion and all other kafirs are persecuted directly or indirectly. I have been forced to read and study Islamic law and history, and listen to the greatness of Muhammad sallahu alaihi wassalam. he who is blessed by god indeed!

    We are told to adore someone who used war upon non-believers, built a state and made himself ruler -using religion, and who had 17 wives in total. including a 9 year old girl.

    laugh. all in the name of God and his messenger, Jibril (Gabriel)………

    i agree that Christianity was once barbaric too. but that was before the printing press was invented and the bible made available to all. the bible does not preach evil, only compassion and kindness. yet it was manipulated and exploited by popes and bishops who wanted to wage war on the upstart religion that had conquered everyone else’s holy city though they came last (among Judaism and Christianity)………the church has long since admitted its mistakes and wrongdoings and made atonement for it, by sending people all over the world to do good.

    so we can forgive them…all religion are not devoid of human error.

    but we can only sit and wait as a most aggressive (justified) religion seek to conquer the world and turn everyone’s head to Mecca……….i guess doomsday is just the time when Jihadeans lay their finger on the nuclear weapons…which they did not even create.

    and mai dak: i was born in a country conquered and ravaged by Japanese. you do not know the atrocities they committed,,,brutal rape and beheading…if that’s what you love, im not surprised you are a sympathizer of Islam. to have proof of just how perverse and barbaric Japanese is, under the nice manners and subtle clothing, have a look at Japanese porn. bukkake, hentai,, whatever..that can give you an idea what kind of soldiers they made, and why nobody was sorry to see the atom bomb used on them. without which i’ll still be suffering today.

  14. islam is a religion that comes with its laws (syariah) and constitution concerning the governing of people of all religions. where is the democarcy and liberty in this. no other religion uses its doctrines to form a government. enough said.

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