There – thats my wife. The one in black

There she is... No - not that one... the one beside her - in Black!

There she is... No - not that one... the one beside her - in Black!

As you can see, Islam treats women with dignity and stature. The unbelievers mock this noble practice by calling it “imprisonment” and “subjugation” but they know not the liberation and emancipation that the burqa brings.

Muslim women have been using this liberation to reach great heights and contribute handsomely to Islamic societies. Muslim women can freely go anywhere their male caretakers take them. You can see their joyful smiles – but you really ought not to be looking at them you despicable infidel!


13 Responses

  1. At least you could find yours ..I am still searching for mine πŸ˜‰

    • Mine is wearing midnight black and yours is wearing charcoal-black. Look closely. Your wife is the 2nd one to the left of mine.

      • Rubbish! that’s my sister you’re talking about kaffir.
        She’s in the midnight-black number; your wife is the one in jet-black and my wife is beside my sister in the coal-black outfit. I should know; I brought it back for her from my last Hajj pilgrimage.

  2. I can hardly believe you only have one wife, and that she’s over eight years old. You do great shame to the Prophet Mohammed (Puberty Be Upon Him)!

  3. Seriously, though, I’m not sure what your larger point is. It is a well-documented fact that the Ummah is a mighty bastion of respect for human dignity in general, and women’s rights in particular. Rumors to the contrary are simply mind-poison spread by the Jews and the Crusaders.

  4. Photographing women is haram… Kafir.

  5. Apart from being a really weird photograph to my infidel eyes… it really is quite funny as to how you would spot your wife in this crowd!

    • Praise be to Allah. He is all-wise and all-merciful.

      • how can u say that allah is all merciful??? can u prove it ??? then y is there all is terrorism the tliban, lashkar e taiba, al qaeda, hammas, jihad?????

  6. I’m completely in support of women’s rights but is the best method to approaching this sensitive topic going toe to toe with religious orthodox beliefs? I cannot help but there may be more long-term but subtle ways to bring about this same effect, perhaps through education.

  7. If a christian woman decided to wear a head to toe bedsheet in stripes and purple……or if YSL brought out a beige and midnight blue robe plus balaclava for the winter season…..would you all have a problem with it?
    Or if all Muslim women decided tomorrow to wear bikinis and thongs….would that help?
    Oh get a life and let people choose to wear what they like.

  8. hmm, get a life and let people choose to wear what they like? i agree, 100%. but the point is, in some countries, especially those “Islamic states”… its not an option. there is no choice. and some women will say its soemthing that liberates them etc.. but they know nothing else. and they’re conditioned in such a way that they believe that covering themselves is the best way to b modest and remain unnoticed.
    So, in essence, wearing a full niqaab in the summer is really going to leave u unnoticed? nice.
    As for the it being a case of modesty… even the strictest of islamic states had prostitutes… these women are fully covered in the streets and then whip off the bhurka b4 stepping into a taxi to go off 2 meet a client. so much for modesty, eh?

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