Muslim moderates are culpable (if not complicit)

WTC Collapse Do you recall that fateful day on Sep 11 2001 when 19 men proclaimed the greatness of Allah and acted on the dictates of their faith?  Do you recall the loud denouncements from Islamic institutions that soundly rebuked these hotheads? Do you remember how mosques from Quetta to Cairo repudiated Osama Bin  Laden and issued fatwas against  Mullah Omar?  Do you marvel at the fact that 99% of all muslims – who are call themselves “moderates” – swiftly showed their  solidarity and made the remaining 1% (“extremists”) outcastes and pariahs?

Me neither!

But I do remember loud and bellicose statements that called upon the discourse to exempt Islam from all actions taken in its name. I remember being told that Islam is unquestionably a “Religion-of-Peace” and universal-brotherhood and that some disgruntled and misguided youth were exploited to inflict harm on us and also bring dishonor upon the glorious name of Islam. Whatever we do, we ought not to hold Islam liable.

Moderate Muslims’ deafening silence!

Moderates: Silent as a tomb

Muslim Moderates: Silent as a tomb

I did not see any of those good Muslim moderates who are so touchy about an unkind word directed at Islam, being outraged at the fact that muslim youth had besmirched Islam’s glory. I did not see these same moderate muslims being infuriated at Osama bin Laden for insinuating that  he was driven by authentic Islamic faith and call on Mullah Omar for his expulsion.  I did not see these same moderate muslims pressure the Pakistani establishment to expel the masterminds of 1999 hijackings or Dawood Ibrahim or members of Lashkar-e-Tayyeba who authored carnages in New Delhi and Mumbai. I did not see them pressure Saudi Arabia and UAE to terminate their diplomatic relations with the Taliban and their funding of Jihadi outfits. They just stood by in pious silence!

All of the above actions were left for the infidel governments to take. These good moderate muslims sat by impassively and only rose to protest if Islam were implicated in the analysis of Islamic terrorism. At that point, fangs were bared and quills were raised. Threats to label us as “Islamophobes” were issued so stirringly that we, with our fetish for multiculturalism, folded our tents and went silently into the night. Consequently, all our analyses and actions are tempered by the desire to not inflame the the “moderate muslim street”.

Result: Resurgent Taliban!

Taliban - Delivering Allah's Mercy

Taliban - Delivering Allah's Mercy

The Taliban is now resurgent in Afghanistan. Dissatisfied with being restricted to the badlands of the NWFP, they have spread to Swat Valley and their domain reaches within 100 miles of Islamabad and Rawalpindi (the nerve-center of Pakistani power-structure). There they have unleashed unprecedented brutality by shooting Pakistani civilians, beheading Pakistani dissenters, flogging Pakistani transgressors, exiling Pakistani civilian administrators and establishing the Sharia to oppress Pakistanis. And pray, what is the Pakistani commentariat most exercised about? The drone attacks which target foreign Jihadists and their hideouts! This is the same set of “moderate elements” who have readily consumed the generous aid packages (in excess of $10B at last count) but who chafe at the prospect of any of that aid-money being used against Taliban / Al Qaeeda operatives.

These folks are not “extremists” or “Jihadists”. Indeed they have not actively participated in acts of violence or terrorism against anyone. They are just the *Moderate Muslim Street*. Yet they have been mute spectators while the shining stars of Islam rolled out the green carpet crushing Pakistani citizens in its wake – reserving their most fiery rhetoric for instances when an American drone interrupts a tea-party of the Holy Beards. I have yet to hear a squeak from the “Moderate Muslim Street” decrying the Sudanese genocide in Darfur where Sudanese-Christians are being murdered by maniacal Islamists. Perhaps the moderate muslims are exhibiting their exemplary restraint and legendary moderation.

In conclusion, I am unimpressed by the refrain from muslim folks who moan  that they are unfairly tarnished by the actions of a few and yet fail to denounce those very same actions convincingly. In fact, when I see them deflect responsibility with lame excuses and feeble justifications, I want to treat them as a part of the problem. They knowingly or unknowingly provide cover for Islamists to operate unencumbered and hence abet the crimes committed by the extremists. And therein lies their culpability (if not complicity)!

If it Oinks - its a Pig!

If it Oinks - its a Pig!

Let me clarify that I DO NOT advocate ANY harm or harassment of ANY person on the grounds of their faith. But let me also clarify that I do not accept the exemption of anyone’s *responsibility* on similar grounds. If Islam’s stature means anything to you then YOU should be the first one to denounce and debar those that tarnish it. If you fail to do so then you have just chosen to include the swine in your society. You cannot live in a sty and not be called a pig!

P.S. I realize that my assessment is much too forthright in the current climate of political correctness. Some people feel that such a tone alienates moderate muslims. I have rejected that contention in the article: Does robust critique alienate moderates?.


32 Responses

  1. The Real me:
    I don’t ever see Christians going crazy when a Catholic priest has been caught fucking children. Or when a christian fundamentalist calls for gays to be killed (westboro baptist church). I haven’t noticed the church speak out against the KKK.

    The Republican me (situated at HERE:
    YES!! Whether they’re terrorists, or knew a terrorist, or once said the word “terrorist”, they’re still muslim, and that’s wrong!!! Torture them all.

    • Futile,

      Did you read the last paragraph of my post? It starts with “…Let me clarify that I DO NOT advocate ANY harm or harassment of ANY person on the grounds of their faith……

      If you are in the habit of reaching conclusions without taking on the full argument then perhaps you should be reading material that is less onerous for your intellect.

      If this is the quality of debate you choose to offer – please take it to someone who can descend to your level. I confess that I am outmatched.

      • Muslim moderates may be culpable of silence to a degree, but it is non-Muslims who choose to ignore the moderates and embrace the radicals while bitching and moaning about moderate Muslims’ silence.

    • “I don’t ever see Christians going crazy when a Catholic priest has been caught fucking children”

      Really? I have! I seem to recall the Catholic church being sued into the stone-age.

      I also don’t see any support for churches who call for the deaths of gays! On the other hand, Ayatollahs who call for gays to be killed “in the worst way possible” are considered reformers.

      No matter how much territory Islamists conquer or how little integration occurs in Europe’s Muslim community, we still will try so hard to love Islam and hate Christianity.

      Westearn civilization is trying to commit suicide.

  2. This is evidence that they are condoning, if not actively praising any assault on western values. Simply put, they don’t want to be on the receiving end of US smart-bombs, so they keep their mouths shut.

    That’s what makes these “moderates” so much more insidious than those who actively kill and slaughter for the vile moon-god.

  3. Your right!
    What I saw was dancing in the streets of the muslim world. I saw women handing out candy, American flags being burnt, pictures of our leaders being stepped on, drawings of Islamic flags over our capital which leads me to believe there are NO moderate Muslims. We are pictured as the great satan and 99% of the muslims agree. I’m tired of hearing that us infidels are islamophobs and are racists. They want to repeat 9/11 as soon as they can and our wonderful appologizing leaders are paving the way. While Obama negotiates with these hateful people he’s going to disarm us infidels at the same time. We are truely heading for trouble.

  4. There are no moderate Muslims, only those who don’t practice their faith to the T. There is no moderate Islam. “Moderate Islam,” as even the leader of “moderate” Turkey has told us, simply “does not exists. There is only Islam.” How comforting.

  5. Well said.

    I have been waiting, with ever decreasing optimism, to see hordes of moderate and peace-loving Muslims marching the streets of Europe’s capitals, denouncing all terrorism done in the name of THEIR religion.

    And I have waited in vain.

    Indeed, in the UK, all I have witnessed are yet MORE mobs of Muslims, howling with rage as they marched through London a month ago, demanding Sharia Law in Britain!

    Oh, and let’s not forget the shameful sight of yet more British Muslims hurling insults and expletives at a group of returning British soldiers – while a group of Muslim women stood by taking photographs of the soldiers and the police! Yep, the boys in blue just stood there and LET these women take pictures without so much as an attempt to stop them in the name of ‘security’.

    And therein lies the problem. Muslim communities around the globe, KNOW damn well that they can do more or less as they please – because the very infidel governments that t they seek to overthrow don’t have the guts to stop them!

    Go back to the very week when the Mohammed cartoon controversey broke. I think that EVERY free, democratic nation should have made a point of publishing those cartoons! Again, here in the UK, not ONE newspaper ran them!

    And it’s been downhill ever since.

    As for the asinine charge of ‘islamophobia’:

  6. Cheers 🙂

    I think that if the rest of us – ‘infidels’! – are going to spend our time and energy on anything, it should ideally be on pressuring governments in democratic countries. It’s futile for us to try and persuade any Muslims that don’t already recognise the problem, that there IS a problem! If they didn’t get it on 9/11, they ‘aint gonna get it now!

    But our governments are in power because WE put them there. I don’t know how you feel about the new Obama administration, but I can tell you that in the UK, there are MASSIVE problems – I’ll be posting a bit more on this later today but have blogged already about, for example, HAMAS being now hailed as a ‘resistance’ movement by a number of British politicians!

    And it just occurred to me that you might like to read my exchanges with a member of ‘Muslims Against Sharia’. I was impressed by much on their site – but had a major problem with this post, read it when you get a minute and then scroll down to see the increasingly racist comments being made about American Jews. Here’s the specific link:

    **** If you have the time, I’d be really interested in your thoughts!!

    I’ve seen enough of your writing to respect you for being fair and rational 🙂

    • “see the increasingly racist comments being made about American Jews”

      Racist comments? I had no clue that American Jews or just Jews were a separate race. Are they a separate gender too?

      • I never claimed that Jews were a ‘race’. But the word ‘racism’ is used in the vernacular when someone expresses bigotry, as you know.

        And for those who may not be sure what we are talking about, here are the remarks made BY ‘muslims against sharia’ ABOUT Jews:

        “…either American Jews are completely clueless about the internal struggle inside Islam or they are so cowardly, that they are even afraid to voice their opinion.”

        “…it seems like the Jewish way is to bend over and take it. ”

        “What I was trying to say is that American Jewish establishment has no balls…”

        “…However Obama’s near-perfect campaign was a Hollywood production. Liberal Jews put Obama over the top.”

        “Obama’s campaign was orchestrated by Hollywood professionals, who are disproportionately Jewish. ”
        (note: most people reading this will recognise this as the age-old ‘jewish cabal runs hollywood’ rubbish. Apparently it is the fault of Jews that Obama got elected!)

        “When Jews are too stupid to understand the dangers of radical Islam, it’s beyond the pale!” (translation: it’s FINE when NON Jews ignore Islamic extremism, but unforgivable when Jews aren’t leading the charge against it)

        “Haven’t 2000 years of persecution taught you anything about self preservation? Wasn’t the Holocaust enough? Are you yearning for another one?”
        (these comments are offensive by any standards)

        “Jews are controlling America…”
        (again, the old anti semitic trope)

        There’s more, but I’m sure that these comments are enough to show that ‘Muslims Against Sharia’ – or least this ONE member of the group – is incapable of posting an article about American Jews without bashing them and resorting to the weary old anti semitic lines.

        For anyone who would like to read the ORIGINAL exchange between myself and MAS (Muslims Against Sharia), so that they can see the full context, here’s the link:

    • The word ‘racism’ is used in the vernacular when someone expresses bigotry by dumbasses who don’t know the difference between bigotry and racism. Why not call it sexism instead of racism? Just as dumb, but funnier.

      You can call the other remarks offensive, but they are factual. As any brainwashed fanatics, you don’t seem to give a shit about the welfare of Jewish people, you only care how they are portrayed. The stupidity of your position has been proven by our poll:

      • It is not ‘factual’ that, as you insisted, ‘jews take it bending over’. Nor is it factual that ‘jews are cowards’. Nor are any of your other asinine remarks ‘factual’.

        And quite how you conclude that I am a ‘brainwashed fanatic’, is beyond me. As for stating that ‘you don’t give a shit about the welfare of jewish people – oh purleeeease. Stop assuming you *know* things that you haven’t the faintest idea about.

        And no, your little poll doesn’t ‘prove’ anything. Millions of people voted for Hitler – did that ‘prove’ he was in the right? Hardly.

        For some reason, you can’t let our disagreement go, and instead you have now posted insults on my blog and NOW here as well.

        Your rants are becoming extremely boring. Kindly desist. I’m not going to waste another minute of my time responding to your diatribes.

        And to the author of this blog: I apologise that you’ve been subjected to this increasingly childish ‘debate’. Rest assured my part in it ends here.

    • “And no, your little poll doesn’t ‘prove’ anything. Millions of people voted for Hitler – did that ‘prove’ he was in the right? Hardly.”

      If you weren’t such a dumbshit, you’d notice how many JEWS agree with me as opposed to the ones who agree with you.

      • Ah, once again you have to resort to hurling insults… Pitiful.

        And your point about ‘jews agree with me’ is meaningless. Jews voted for Hitler in the beginning before they knew his true agenda. Just because *some* Jews agree with you doesn’t make you *right*.

        Also, had you BOTHERED to actually READ my responses to you during our original ‘discussion’, you would have SEEN that I didn’t disagree with everything that you said. I disagreed with some of your spiteful remarks about Jews – clearly you cannot handle someone disagreeing with you.

        Grow up.

        I’m signing out of this pointless bickering so even if you post a follow up comment, I won’t know about it. Wanna keep on hurling insults? Knock yourself out.

  7. Here in the “paradise” islands of Maldives people many people were overjoyed at what happened on 9/11. Some people handed out sweets to the public in celebration.
    I do not believe there is such a thing as “moderate” muslims.
    And there never will be until they change the Quran and dump the Hadiths – but then again that would not be Islam..
    Great posting.

  8. The vast majority of Muslims are non-violent – NOT peaceful! A non-violent person just doesn’t participate in violence but does nothing to stop or prevent it. A peaceful person actively promotes and enforces peace.

    The vast majority of people in the most violent ghettos are non-violent which means when the gang member is robbing, raping or killing you then they don’t join in. They also don’t call the police, ambulance, come help you or later help the police arrest them.

    So when people say the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful, they really mean non-violent. This should be as comforting as if you are being attacked in the ghetto and drifting off into unconsciousness you can think “good thing the vast majority of people in this area are non-violent”. The vast majority of Muslims do nothing to stop the violence when it occurs nor do they do anything to stop the hateful thinking that leads to it.

    • Craig,

      Firstly, thank you for visiting my blog and contributing your views. Your argument is not just articulate but very astute. Thank you for bringing such insight to the discussion and illuminating it further.

      The discourse has, for too long, been restricted to blanket-generalizations which are not just inaccurate but are dishonest. it helps to inject your kind of thinking just to elevate the discussion so that it does not sound like brawling recriminations.

      Thanks once again.

  9. From my point of view, a lot of those “moderate Muslims” are not moderate at all. From what I see on TV, many are apologists and some are two-face liars who say one thing in English and then another thing in Arabic. The people who are working for real positive change are silenced from within their Muslim countries, and are not acknowledged by the outside world, but they are not as small a minority as people in the west think.

    But, when people ask “where is the outrage at terrorism from Muslim countries?” consider that they live in countries where freedom of speech is nearly non-existent and speaking anything that might even closely be interpreted as criticism of Islam is dangerous (to put it mildly.) Access to reliable information is restricted, so even the well-meaning don’t get to form opinion on informed knowledge.

    Since you have harsh criticism of Islam (well deserved) and Muslims (probably too harsh,) What practical and positive course of actions can a Muslim individual take? I want Islam gone, but that’s not going to happen. So, what’s the next best thing?

    The “islamophobia” thing, I’m not surprised Muslims cry it whenever someone criticizes Islam. It reminds me of Israel’s cry of anti-Semitism whenever someone criticizes the policies of Israel.

    • Hi Ellis,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to share your views.

      I agree with you to some extent. Yes there is a certain amount of enlightened muslims that are coerced into silence.

      But such coercion would only apply to areas of local dissent. For instance, I would imagine that a liberal Saudi would be coerced into silence regarding the regular stoning and beheadings that go on locally.

      Why should anyone in Saudi feel coerced into silence expressing disgust at 9/11 or 7/7 or Mumbai massacre? These have no local implications? The same Saudis are first to denounce Gaza bombings where innocents were likely killed. 9/11 also had its innocents? Where were the Saudis then? How does one explain the cheers and clandestine celebrations?

      Consider Pakistan: These guys have been (rightly) protesting Musharraf’s authoritarianism in sacking the Supreme Court judges. That means that they have the means and the will to show public dissent. How come they suddenly go quiet when a terrorist massacre occurs in Mumbai and the terror-trail is traced to Pakistani establishment ? How come they do not protest the fact that their government is providing refuge and sustenance to terrorists? Where is the outrage then?

    • Elis,

      Allow me to clarify:

      Nobody ‘cries anti semitism’ just because Israeli policy is criticised. Disagreeing with Israeli policy is not anti semitic. A person can express dislike of Israel and even that is not anti semitism.

      It *becomes* anti semitism when:

      – some people claim that the Jewish state, and only the Jewish state has ‘no right to exist’

      – some people single out Israel for condemnation WHILE ignoring the far worse atrocities committed by the neighbouring Arab and Islamic countries

      – some people MISrepresent the moral and legal right that Jews have TO the tiny sliver of land that is now Israel.

  10. It’s good you mention Saudi Arabia, perhaps the extreme example of the problem we are facing. In SA, even speaking in line with the government’s professed stance is dangerous. The Saudi government displays a face to the west of fighting terrorism while at the same time tacitly supporting and advancing Salafi/Wahabi ideology domestically. To this day, they still teach hatred of Jews in schools, despite having pulled the hateful language from text books — speaking against this type of bigotry could get you in serious trouble. And, it’s hard to speak against terrorism without speaking against Islam, the link is compelling and the government knows it. It’s more difficult to speak out than it appears for someone not living in the culture. There are people who are blogging anonymously from the inside, to great risk to themselves.

  11. Yes, SA is very quick to criticize Israeli actions – It’s a distraction tool and people just fall for it. They have no interest in helping Palestinians, and no interest in seeing real peace take hold. It’s just a way to distract their populace from their own crimes. I suspect more Muslims/Arabs suffer at the hands of their own Muslim/Arab rulers then there are Palestinians.

  12. Taken from Daniel Pipes website
    Submitted by E.A (United States), Oct 23, 2002 at 21:25

    I’m tired of Muslims in America being on the defensive end of all the issues. Let’s assess Christianity for a few seconds, shall we? The Nazi party was christian … Christians brought thousands upon thousands of black MUSLIMS from Africa and annihilated their religion, family, and identity. They would use the bible to justify slavery. A Christian pope declared the crusades, not the Muslims. The Inquisition was Christian, not Muslim. Christians killed off the natives of North America, called them an inferior race, shipped them to reservations, and then withheld food from them until they converted. Coronado, Cortez, and all the other Spanish conquerers killed off the natives in South America because they weren’t white Christians and therefore, inferior.

    The Catholic Church has been wrong so many times that it’s almost funny. They have done nothing but impede science and reason. They imprisoned Galileo because he believed that the earth revolved around the sun. They beat and killed Tycho Brahe, a brilliant astronomer, through the streets because he too disagreed with the church. They tried to stop the age of reason. It required the annihilation of pretty much all of northern Germany to get the mighty Huns to covert to Christianity.

    The acts of brutality go on and on. I can fill up all the pages of any book with acts of Christian brutality. In fact, the bible is more fundamentalist and conservative than the Qu’ran ever was. According to the bible, women can’t speak in churches, ever become religious leaders, and are subordinate to men. Homosexuals should be put to death, and divorce is a sin! In that case, 48% of Americans have committed a very serious offense.

    I’m tired of hearing about islam being a horrible religion. The next time any ignorant Christian attacks the Koran or Islam, don’t put your head down and be content to defend yourself. Question his/her faith instead. In the end, all religions have done horrible acts of brutality. The only reason Christianity has done more is because it’s been around longer with more adherents. That’s all. But to attack islam and call it an evil, fundamentalist religion, especially if those insults are coming from Christians, is silly.

    • to whoever wrote this shit——

      really? have you even read the koran?

      talking about christianity is not gonna resolve your brutal sadistic frenzy-of-a-religion as peaceful.

      atleast christianity is pretty much OK now. look at your sick religion, you! it’s still the SAME as it was in the dark ages. you still punish thieves by CUTTING OFF THEIR HANDS. (it’s sanctioned by the quran)

      Islam is a plague that needs to be cured. if extremists are the fleas and islam is the bacteria, moderate muslims are the RATS.

      • Well, you’ve sure gone after the details with a broad brush, now haven’t you?

        i *have* read the Koran, and inasmuch as it seems to advocate a draconian notion of justice, and brutal punishments should one find themselves on the wrong side of the law, you find precisely the same things in the Torah (and likewise the Old Testament). Ever read Leviticus? What’s more, there are people here in the US that are actively working toward a Christian theocracy–a government where they get to cherry-pick their own dubious notions of morality from the Bible (a few chapters from Leviticus here, some mangled lines from Revelation there) and legislatively force it down your throat and mine. The penalty for apostasy? Death. Homosexuality? Death. Adultery? Stoning to death… Shall i continue?

        Furthermore, when you say ‘you’, who do you mean, exactly? …Because i’m willing to bet you’re–again, with the broad brush–talking about all Muslims, and that’s inherently fallacious, as all Muslims are not the same; just the way that there are Christians of many shades, Jews of many shades, Hindus, etc. i’ve known many Muslims personally, and they’ve been some of the kindest, most generous people i’ve ever met. Unfortunately, the minuscule percentage of extremists and opportunists with a will to power are far more vocal, and thus make the news more often and more sensationally than the silent majority. If more ordinary people were interviewed about their take on Islam, it would paint a very different picture.

        The mediaevel style of justice in Saudi Arabia, for example, or the iron fisted suppression of dissent in Iran have much less to do with Islam than they have to do with a patriarchal ruling class that has existed in those countries since before even Muhammad’s grandparents were born. To the descendants of this class–the Ayatollah Khamaeni, the Saudi royal family, and the pyramid of mullahs, caliphs, and sheikhs surrounding them–many who have studied such things speculate that their adherence to Islam is not so much out of true faith (or ‘submission,’ the definition of the word ‘islam’ in Arabic–‘submission to god’), but rather as one grips a weapon. For a person in power, “Because I said so” pales in comparison to “God says so,” in terms of asserting one’s legitimacy.

        One of the only reasons kings throughout the medieval period enjoyed the power they did was the supposition of divine mandate. The king sat upon the throne because god somehow put him there. But when Louis XIV lost his head, the underlying reason was that–to put it simply–prosperity had usurped god; the divine right of kings was on the wane in favour of reason. This was the Enlightenment, and with Europe pulling itself out of the mediaeval period–when, said the Church, not much more mattered than getting in as much prayer time as possible during the average person’s 40-year life expectancy–people were able to concentrate on commerce and art and ideas about improving their lot in life, and this renewed focus led to prosperity. What?….prosperity during the French Revolution? Strange as it may sound, yes. For some, France was enjoying a golden age. The rich were fabulously so, but all the while to say they treated the poor badly is an understatement. So, the poor eventually rose up, raided their baroque mansions and dragged them off to the guillotine. However, this rebuttal isn’t about the French Revolution, it’s about Islam, so let me come back to the point.

        …and the point is, religion (or at least appeals to it) fills the void otherwise occupied by progress. When societies are flourishing, fewer people seek religion. When Karl Marx said “religion is the opiate of the masses,” this is what he meant: that while people are grovelling beneath the iron fist of the Church, as they were in the Middle Ages, they aren’t thinking for themselves, or working actively to improve their lot in life. Now, the same can be said of Middle Eastern countries where government and Islamic fundamentalism are one and the same; where despotic rulers wield religion as a weapon in order to solidify their own power. Afghanistan under the Taliban bore many similarities to mediaeval Europe, and in fact, it still does. President Karzai holds so little real power that he’s hardly worth talking about. The country is basically split amongst the same warlords as before, with the remaining Taliban just another group vying for control. Meanwhile, ordinary Afghans find themselves in a precarious position, forced to appeal to someone else for protection–siding with one warlord or another.

        But why terrorism? Why suicide bombers? It all seems so intimately tied to Islam–that organisations like al Qaeda are leading a religious war. But while bin Laden himself makes flowery appeals to religion, it has less to do with religion than it might seem. Bin Laden’s beef with the West originated with the Gulf War, and specifically that the US used Saudi Arabia as a staging ground for troops. The ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have ensured that organisations like al Qaeda are amply supplied with new recruits. There are countless young men whose families have been killed and their livelihoods destroyed as a direct result of these wars, making them optimal candidates for recruitment as terrorists. They have nothing to lose, and their sense of purpose has been, for all intents and purposes, snuffed out. All it takes is a clever leader to pair religion with revenge, and emphasize the need to fight back against the ‘infidels’.

  13. I think that there is a misunderstanding of what it is to be a moderate and live in an area where you are surrounded with potential threats. Any call for moderation or condemnation of terrorist acts will eventually get back to the wrong people, and you don’t necessarily know who those people are in your community. How many of us would honestly be willing to risk the our own lives, or the lives of family members, to speak out against what we think is wrong, but may feel there is no stopping? If you were living in Ireland in 1922, would you stand up against the IRA? It would be hard not knowing which of your neighbors would be the one to put a bullet in your back.

  14. Shannon,
    I agree that it is hazardous to stand up terrorists anywhere, but if no one ever stands up then you end up with totalitarianism.

    If Muslims are unwilling to stand up against crazies in their midst, refuse to distinguish themselves from the crazies, then why should I want any Muslims in my country? If Muslims are afraid to denounce violent and hateful passages in the Koran that incite this terrorism, why should I want any Muslims in my country?

    As you say, it is dangerous to stand up to these people, but why should I have to be the one to stand up to them to fix a problem caused by the ideology of Islam when Muslims are too scared and I don’t even want Islam in my country .

    How does this mesh with the “Religion of Peace” illusion when so many Muslims are scared of so many Muslims who follow the exact teachings of Islam? How are the rest of us Infidels supposed to trust Islam when so many Muslims do not?

  15. There will never be peace.

    Dont you people get it already.

    War = BIG BUCKS

    Religion is used to promote war. Whether it be islam or judaism or christianity.

    There are people who sincerely want peace in this world AND WHO ARE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT

    What are you doing to promote peace?
    voting for Obama? aint gona help!
    voting for Hamas or taliban. aint gona help!

    i suggest u take ur hard earned cash and give some charity to the needy in war torn countries whether it be islamic or not.

    wake up! ur governments dont give a shit about u.

    stop talking. start doing.

  16. There are different Moslems mindsets. Turkish and Tunisian Moslems, for example, are very tolerant and secular, more so than many Christian societies. The “bad apples” of Islam are bred mainly in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. It is these two countries, together with budding terrorist states like Somalia and Yemen, which need to be dealt with in a special manner. Thank you.

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