Islamic belligerence: encouraged by multiculturalism

And we wonder how they got so zealous?

Evidence that Islam is a Religion of Peace.

This is the last of my 4-part series on why I single Islam out for criticism. In earlier posts I have outlined the peculiarly insidious nature of Islamic societies, Islamic causes and Islamic impulses. I will devote this post to characteristics of liberal societies (typically in the west) that grant Islam an undeserved deference. There are several causes of such deference – all of which neatly fit under the banner of “Multiculturalism”.

In an earlier post I have shown how multiculturalism coddles Islam. In this post, I will expand on that idea and show how it emboldens Islamic militancy.

Multiculturalism v/s Secularism

Multiculturalism is a relatively modern fad that pseudo-intellectuals  (notably in the media and government) like to bandy about to extract  respectability.  A multiculturalist tends to be a person who basks in the reflected glow of the truly lofty tradition of Secularism. Multiculturalism has gained so much currency (and legitimacy) that it is often mistaken to be Secularism 2.0.  Far from being a descendant, it is actually a dangerous imposter.

Multicultural utopiaSecularism holds that one’s religious beliefs and traditions have NO bearing on how a civil society functions. Your choice to be a Buddhist or a Christian is a private decision and the public-square is under no obligations to cater to your private spiritual pursuit. Multiculturalism, on the other hand, claims to be charmingly magnanimous and welcomes all religious beliefs, cultural values and traditions INTO the public-square so that we may “celebrate” all of them. Multiculturalism is NOT new-age secularism but a reversal of secular principles under the guise of being “broad minded“. Multiculturalism is NOT Secularism 2.0. It is, however, Idiocy 1.0 because its a trifle awkward to celebrate Jihad while being beheaded/flogged/stoned.

Parasitic Islamists

By flaunting a vacuous hospitality, multiculturalism claims to be beyond religious recrimination. It would not be terrible if such vapidity were only callow and idiotic. Unfortunately it assumes sinister proportions when it encourages militant Islam by inhibiting robust inquiry and stringent accountability. Take a look at this sampling of video-clips:

See the audacious manner in which Islamists operate in the UK? These guys hold no jobs, live on welfare (often by misrepresenting themselves as handicapped) and then call for Jihad against the very same society that they live parasitically upon.

This is not just a case of ingratitude. It is a case where cowardly Islamists act brazenly – safe in the knowledge that they do not have to carry the burden of their convictions. They know that they will not be mauled by a vigilant news-media or the police. It would be just too unseemly to conduct a blistering attack on someone’s religious beliefs – no matter how noxious they are – and it might even look like….. whats-it-called…. yes…. Islamophobia!

Multiculturalism – Intellectual lethargy, dishonesty & cowardice

It is this intellectual lethargy, intellectual dishonesty and intellectual cowardice that Islamists feed upon. And it is this intellectual lethargy dishonesty and cowardice that multiculturalism glorifies. It permits the proliferation of toxic outlooks until a critical mass is reached yielding jihadis who bomb the London mass transit and Glasgow airport. And we  wonder where all this naked zealotry came from?  It was bred within our society when we saw extremism take root but chose to tolerate it just to preserve our Multiculturist credentials.

Police Dog gives grevious offence to MuslimsBritish Muslims offended by a poster of a Dog in a Police hat.

It is the same Multiculturalist impulse that made the Tayside police-force apologize for offending Islamic sensibilities when they announced a change of their help-line telephone number on a poster that carried the picture of a police-dog alongside a policeman’s hat. Since Islamic doctrine holds a dog to be an icon of defilement, the poster hurt the delicate sentiments of muslims who are otherwise unmoved by honor-killings or the brutality of Shariah. TV crews battled one another to record the apologetic capitulation of the police-chief. But how many of them of them conducted a spirited interview or expose of these so-called community-leaders who brandished their wounded souls on account of a picture….of a puppy……on a poster??? Should these Islamists not have been scorned,  ridiculed and laughed out of town for their utter idiocy – not to mention imperiousness? Instead we treated their whimsical and feigned outrage with fawning indulgence.

It is this kind of pusillanimity that multiculturalism fetes and celebrates and it is the same kind of pusillanimity that Islamists prey upon when they extract concessions by flaunting their bruised psyche. One can easily see how one capitulation emboldens Islamists to up the ante. Pretty soon they will be demanding Shariah in Britain and Europe.  WAIT…..! They already are!!

So long as we are enamored of the idea that pandering to religious allergies is a noble enterprise we will always subvert the secular principles that gave us progress in the first place.  I focus on Islam because Islam and the wickedness it engenders needs to be exposed. Currently it is proliferating unabated under the protective benevolence of an intellectually vapid construct called multiculturalism.


I want to clarify that I am not opposed to the intermingling of peoples and cultural diversity. At the same time, I want to assert that it is not incumbent upon a secular society to make room for the most pernicious aspects of religious doctrines just to appease the most virulent amongst its adherents. Such pandering is not a virtue. It does not tame the alligator (or is it Allah-gator?) – it only increases its appetite for blood. This is because the root-cause of Islamic Terror is Islam itself.


14 Responses

  1. It’s painful to watch europe especially UK slide into this morass of islam-abetment from which there is no turning back…the day is not far before the union jack is replaced by the crescent ..unless ofcourse the english do something..maybe you can write up a history of how this fad of islam-abetment in the name of multicultarism started in europe..

  2. Excellent analysis!

    Might I also add another factor – Moral Relativism – that has played a part in this travesty? MR is brought into play in, for example, the Tayside puppy add where Islamists deem the negative image (to them) of a picture of a puppy is the moral equivalent of a physical assault on one of their members.

    The combined effects of Multiculturalism, Moral Relativism and Political Correctness are dealing a death blow to Western values, culture and modernity.

    • Hello Joel,

      Firstly, welcome to my blog. What gets my goat is the utter lopsidedness of their so-called piety. They get their feathers over a picture of a puppy – but they don’t seem to mind honor-killing or Jihad. How come we are the ones that need to adjust to their delicate sensitivities? How come they do not adjust to the western values when they are the ones who chose to come and resettle here?

  3. Honestly, as an American who knows the threat Islam poses to the free world, it is mind-numbing to see once-great Europe throw up their hands in surrender.

    The politicians don’t care about their people. They just want the muslim bloc’s votes in order to preserve themselves.

    You guys are nearing the point of no return. And in about 7 more years, so will us Americans.

    Let’s not just lay down and die. Lets fight!

    • Hi Phillip,

      Firstly, thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to add your voice. The muslim world and our own politicians need to understand that just because we do not go out burning cars and buses does not mean that we are ignorant of the content and intent of their actions.

      We are a sizeable majority – albeit a patient one. But our patience is not endless and it should not be taken for granted.

      My blog is a modest attempt at reasserting our presence and our will. I appreciate you contributing your voice to it.


    “You don’t know what your in for until your in for it”
    ……………………………Lars Hedegaard, Danish Publisher

    We are heading into the end zone and there is still no clear winner ( although izlam is fully in the driver’s seat ), but the game must be played out as we watch nearly helplessly on the sidelines.

    I just wish we could have low cost space transport and habitat until it is all over.

    • Joe,

      I have to respectfully dis-agree with you. Islam is exerting more influence than its numbers justify. But I am not prepared to concede defeat as yet. And I do not consider myself helpless.

      This BLOG is my weapon and you are my colleagues. We may not agree on every aspect (and neither should we) but that only goes to show that we value our individuality which is the heart of liberty.

      Islam on the other hand is subjugation of the the individual in deference to Allah – which almost always means in deference to whoever claims to speak in Allah’s name.

      I am not willing to say that some filthy bearded prick speaks for me. I doubt you are.

  5. Fantastic Analysis. You have a good way with words, and it mirrors what the vast majority of the long suffering british public are feeling about this parasitic, undeterred enemy within.

    The european do-gooders are feeble, gutless, self-serving and anti-patriotic marxists who feed islamic hunger. It is our grandchildren and great grandchildren who will suffer for this when they are born into Islamicised western countries in which thanks to tremendous birth rates and uncontrolled immigration only a smear of western sensibilities remain, the rest engulfed by the mosques, the burkas, and the cresent flag flying where the union jack once was..

    • Hello Angelica,

      Thank you for your generous praise.

      Frankly, I do not think that I am saying anything that is terribly insightful. All I am doing is trespassing on generally held taboos. Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to record your assent (your dissent would be just as welcome 🙂 ).

      Stay tuned for more…..

  6. […] were raised. Threats to label us as “Islamophobes” were issued so stirringly that we, with our fetish for multiculturalism, folded our tents and went silently into the night. Consequently, all our analyses and actions are […]

  7. You know, I think some politicians in the UK now fully understand the danger of Islami. I too was despairing at the movement of this bile, but I really think that we will soon see a party in office that wants an end to “Multiculture” in the UK.

    Camerons openly saying he wants to remove it.

    As you say…its out grandkids legacy otherwise.

    This sounds feble, but my way of battling this is I dont use muslim services etc… I wont even be served by a muslim in the supermarket.

    If the whole country did this…. the employers would soon not ake em on…and who knows, they may go back to wherever…. or move abroad.

    I know this sounds racist…but what else can I do? I object to them being everywhere I go…. staring at me from behind masks.

    • Kafur,

      While I totally understand your contempt toward a mindset that wants us to tolerate intolerance, I would like to respectfully disagree with the idea of treating any individual (muslim or otherwise) with any disdain – solely because of his/her faith.

      While I, myself am not religious at all , I full accept that every individual is entitled to his/her faith. However, I expect each individual to keep his/her faith to themselves and not impose it on the rest of us. My quarrel is with those that want us to extend deference to their faith or lifestyles while simultaneously being hostile to ours.

      In other words, I do not have a quarrel with a muslim person who is simply working at a grocery store or driving his taxi-cab. My quarrel is with the ones who works at a grocery store and will not want to serve me Pork or the taxi-cab who will not drive me because I maybe carrying a case of beer.

      This is a clear case of individuals insisting that I change/alter my lifestyle to suit their allergies. I want to distinguish between such pricks and the ordinary dude who simply goes about his job without imposing his views on others.

      Granted that a lot of such “ordinary folk” also nurse Islamic over-sensitivities – but unless I know that a specific individual does, I am not going to direct my disdain toward him/her.

      • I see what you mean, but sadly we cannot pick and choose whom, in Islam, we wish to accept or reject.

        I dont mean anyone harm when I say “dont use their services”…nor can you say “I choose you to despise” as opposed to another.

        I do not believe in Islamic moderation, they are all part of the great problem of invasion by stealth of the UK and indeed Europe.

        We need to throw out the whole bathwater….the few bits of soap that are clean in the water will have to go with it. hey know FULL WELL what Islam is doing by creeping stealth, and their silence concurs with it..should Islam win, these moderates will gladly obey the call or their religious leaders to “ake over” the country.

        No, my friend, this cancer is evil and we need to cut off the whole limb not just the lesion.

  8. […] quills are raised. They threaten to label us “Islamophobes” so stirringly that we, with our fetish for multiculturalism and the mazlooms [oppressed], just folded our tents and depart silently into the night. […]

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