Islam: Overbearing arrogant and intrusive

Islam - Overbearing, arrogant and intrusive

Defending Islam against marauding cartoonists

This is the 3rd installment proceeding from my earlier post about Why I focus on Islam and Islamic excesses. In this post, I will dwell on the theme that Islam is haughty and arrogant and simply cannot countenance the idea of keeping to itself. Not only does it seek accommodation it demands respect (which, I hasten to clarify, is far from “commanding respect”).

While all religions would love to hold sway over the multitudes, Islam is probably the worst offender on this score. Islam’s voracious appetite for dominance makes it overbearing, arrogant and intrusive.

UN Resolution to outlaw criticism of Islam

Remember the spasm of frenzied violence that erupted in the wake of some cartoons in an obscure newspaper in Denmark? Not only do the Muslims want the right to practice their faith, they want the rest of us to also practice it as well. It never crossed their pious minds that injunctions against graven images is for practicing muslims and not for the rest of us infidels.

In more recent times, the most glaring example of this arrogance is the attempt made by some leading lights of the Islamic world who joined forces to pass a binding resolution in the UN that would outlaw any denigration of Islam. Not satisfied with archaic and draconian ‘blasphemy laws’ in their own lands, they want the rest of to enact them too. (Thankfully, such a resolution did not pass and instead of binding resolution it was a non-binding one that made it.) My point is to highlight the self-righteous impunity with which Islam imposes itself on the rest of us.

Beheading in progress in Saudi Arabia

Beheading in progress in Saudi Arabia

It is astounding that the regimes with the most abysmal record on human-rights could be lecturing us that disparaging Islam is akin to a human-rights violation. These are the same countries that have not seen it fit to declare Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) as a human-rights violation. These are the same nations whose jurisprudence holds a rape victim guilty of fornication. These are the same nations who treat apostasy as a capital crime at par with treason.

These are just some examples of how audacious and arrogant Islam can be. Since Islam presumes supremacy in all human affairs, it feels entitled to tell you and me that we must accept its suzerainty. To enforce this primacy is an army of Mullahs, Imams, Qazis and a battery of morality-police who thrash, mutilate and execute transgressors. The web is replete with news reports about floggings, amputations, stonings and beheadings in the Islamic world for the crime of not being muslim enough.

Brazen demand for shariah in the UK

Brazen demand for shariah in the UK

Even in non-Islamic societies (e.g, UK) we see a restive muslim population yearning for Shariah law. Can you think of any other religious sect/group which menacingly demands the establishment of its antiquated doctrine in a foreign land and a foreign society? Which other religious group has the gall to be so overt in its arrogance? Several European countries are nonplussed at the fact that muslim immigrants choose to relocate in secular societies and yet nurse unremittingly hostile attitudes towards the secular norms of  those societies.

Religion of peace wants to co-exist

Religion of peace wants to co-exist

It is tempting to think that these attitudes are a reflection on some maladjusted malcontents and not on the faith itself. But one only has to listen to them and their religious elders to realize that these attitudes were not developed in a vacuum. They were inculcated as a part of their Islamic upbringing which does not suffer from enlightened thought and demands unflinching obedience.

In conclusion, I would say that although Islam  is backward and retrograde, it would be tolerable – if it were not overbearing and arrogant. It is the nauseating arrogance and impudence with which it exerts its influence that makes it repugnant. It also makes it perilous – which is why I tend to focus on Islam and its excesses.


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  1. Holydude,

    As far as I know the UN resolution that passed was non-binding resolution. Yes the attempt was made to pass a binding resolution but that didn’t pass. The link to your post points to the non-binding resolution being passed. Maybe you can clarify that or correct me if I am wrong. Most reports I have read claimed that only the non-binding resolution passed.

    Btw when you ask
    Can you think of any other religious sect/group which menacingly demands the establishment of its antiquated doctrine in a foreign land and a foreign society?

    I can imagine what you are going to hear from muslims. Be ready to answer questions when they point out the case of america and christains coming to this land..killing native americans and establishing their judeo-christain laws. It’s a tu-quoque but just thought I’d warn you because I am sure someone is going to point it out sooner or later.

    After all every american and every jew is evil incarnate 🙂

  2. NN,

    Yes I agree that what the UN passed was the “non-binding” version. But my point was to emphasize the INTENT of the group of 57 Islamic Luminaries (led by Pakistan). That intent shows the tendency of being overbearing, arrogant and intrusive. Thanks for feedback, I have since added a couple of lines to clarify my position.

    It is eminently possible that some folks (not necessarily muslims only) will try and equate the islamic revivalism in Europe with the colonization of the Americas. By pre-empting that position, you have already deflated that stance but I would like to slay such an argument.

    I am talking about a situation where one community seeps into another (host) society to escape of poverty and political persecution and then goes on to infect that very host with the very same toxic mindset that they were leaving behind. And to do that with impunity and arrogance reveals the overbearing, arrogant and intrusive characteristics of the world of Islam.

    • It is also discouraging that even a non-binding resolution was passed, since it is often the case that the parties will return in future years, stating that the non-binding resolution has been ineffective, and demand that a new binding resolution be passed.

      It is a disgrace that the UN did not throw this deceptive attempt to force Islamic supremacism upon the whole world out the front door, pointing out that while the UN Declaration on Human Rights respects the right to religion, it does not silence criticism, outlaw humour or prescribe morality. It is particularly laughable since the countries that sponsored this resolution are the worst abusers of human rights, with the least tolerance for other faiths.

      This issue will not go away. Expect to see it back before the UN in a year or two.

  3. I’d like to see this developed more. It’s funny you wrote all that without ever using the word hypocrisy, but what caught my eye was “inculcated as a part of their islamic upbringing”.

    Mohammed, a self righteous hypocrite, is the ideal man they all aspire to emulate, and do. What passes for an education in muslim countries, where schools are controlled by the mullahs, inculcates in them his attitude that they, and they alone, are entitled to respect.

    I see the problem as not so much islam, as islamic education—the fact that religion controls the schools in those countries, with government backing. It’s more dangerous than bombs when psycho fundies take over the local school board.

    • Uzza,

      You say you see the problem as an Islamic education and not so much Islam. I don’t understand how the two can be separate. The Islamic education is based on Islam and on Mohammed’s hypocritical life and teachings. It simply reinforces and furthers the arrogant overbearing intrusiveness that is encouraged from a very early age, no?
      Otherwise, I concur with your post. 🙂

      Kudos to you for another great post…if only free societies and governments weren’t so afraid of listening to/expressing views like yours. The fear of being perceived as Islamophobic and intolerant results in submission to the demands of (uncommanded) respect from the overbearing, arrogant, intrusive ones.

  4. There is no need to follow the media. The way you read Holy Bible, same way read and try to understand what your creator is saying in Holy Quran. Embrace the things you like and investigate the things don’t understand. All the propaganda and fears will vanish.

    • Embrace the things I like? Is that how Islam works? I can pick and choose what I like from what my creator says in the HQ? Really?

  5. “Overbearing, arrogant and intrusive”

    Isn’t it the crystal clear definition of the Western behavior when dealing with Africa, Latin America and Asia?

    Or the most perfect description of the US foreign policy since its birth?

    • He Ante,

      Welcome to my blog.

      You are perfectly within your rights to argue that about the west in general and the US in particular. But just bear in mind the following:

      1. Nobody will behead you for this ‘sacrilege’ and no embassies will be burnt.
      2. Nobody asserts that the US is blameless or faultless or the special creation of God.
      3. You will actually come across numerous Americans who will agree with you and protest their government in words and action.

      Can you say the same thing about Islam? Did’nt think so.

    • It’s always so easy to bash America and the west in general. When the US tried isolationism (hence, no, it hasn’t been the perfect description of US fp throughout its history), it was attacked and was forced to create a navy, resulting in the Barbary War in 1801. Would you have the US pull all its intrusive aid from all the African, Latin American and Asian nations as well?

      I don’t understand what point you’re trying to make…do you think that your view of US foreign policy makes it ok for Islam to be overbearing, arrogant and intrusive? Are you saying that because the US is all these things that Muslims around the world use the US as their moral compass? Please help me to understand. Thanks. 🙂

  6. Fantastic dissertation on the mind-numbing barbarism that calls itself Islam. Only the most repugnant and ignorant souls could every qualify, justify, tolerate, or enable this most abhorrent blood-soaked homicidal, maniacal “religion”. You put into words the way I’ve felt about Islam for years. WELL DONE! I hope to read more. I especially loved the bit where you ask (I’m paraphrasing) why the HELL these “individuals” move into the heart of the western world and then bitterly curse the place demanding we change and become like them. LIKE THEM? Putrid bloodthirsty barbarians?

    In your dreams. Go ahead and die for Allah. But do it quietly.

  7. Hello C John,

    Thank you for your generous praise. I’m glad you liked my blog so far. Please stay tuned for more.

  8. The fact is that Islam is here to stay and we have to focus on finding ways to live together peacefully. Despite any intellectual or fact-based criticisms, the majority of Muslims will remain strongly defensive and arrogant and we have to accept that. Like your hardcore Christians who simply won’t believe that the earth was created more than 6000 years ago despite the evidence, Muslims (even the most rich and powerful) will always maintain the belief that it is god’s will that Islam will inevitably dominate the world…that Islam presents the complete/best way of life. Arrogance or to have a superiority complex seems to almost be a tenant of Islam. I think it’s sensless to use words like ‘blood thirsty’ and ‘barbarians’ and apply them to such a large and diverse multi-cultural belief group…hate only breeds more hate. I think the best approach is to stick with what was said in the conclusion above:

    it would be tolerable – if it were not overbearing and arrogant.

    So, if reducing arrogance isn’t feasible, can we some how make it less overbearing? .

    For the more extreme, close-minded types, let them protest and say what they want in western countries where they are free, just keep the line drawn with swift suppression on standby?

  9. Islam means an other word for jihad. If more muslims keep on coming to this country we are in for a holy war and this could happen in 2010. Muslims mostly from Marocco are coming in droves to Western Europe. Already there are 54 million in Western Europe and it is all about islam, the quoran and the sharia and the people have to live to their terms and culture and they want to kill all Christians. That is also the reason that terrorist are sneaking into the West. They like to down airplanes at all cost including their own lives.
    Our governments must stop bringing more muslims into the country.

  10. islam is love not satanism. but these bastards emirs and dictadors have put sharia only to keep their country well controlled as they do their tyrannical governments. Allah should be a God of love not a God of revenge.

  11. And here we are, August 2010, being accused of bigotry for opposing Islam’s victory mosque at Ground Zero. Islam is insanity and the koran is trash.

  12. This radical and arrogant version of islam in the west is a temporary problem. Mostly stemming from first or second generation immigrants who were marginalised all their lives. Educated, articulated and enlightened muslims (like myself) thankfully are in the majority. I agree though, that western countries should restrict immigration only to people who want to assimilate.

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