Historical injustice leads to Islamic violence? Bullshit!

Islamic violence originates in the KoranA few days ago, I received a comment from Maidak stating that historical injustices cannot be ignored when viewing Islamic violence. He goes on to state other examples that reflect our dual-standards and therefore asks me to temper my views based on those points.

Firstly, I want to thank Maidak for his reason-based criticisms. They are far more respectable than dogmatic outbursts. However, I profoundly disagree with each and every one of his points and I will dedicate this post to refuting those.

Historical Injustice

I do not deny that historical injustices occurred and  I do not condone them. However, when an attempt is made to draw a line of causality from those injustices to the frenzied violence we see in the Islamic world, I find it feeble and disingenuous at best and deliberately dishonest at worst.

At various points in history most communities have suffered loss and subjugation at the hands of another. The Native Americans were marginalized in their native land. The tibetan buddhists have been deprived of not just their territory but also their cultural heritage at the hands of a regime with far fewer scruples than Israelis. The hindu untouchables have been deprived of basic human dignity for millenia. The list of oppressed is long and diverse. Are any of these communities planting bombs in railway stations and bazaars? Are any of these communities contemplating jihad? Are any of them striving for spiritual salvation by spilling infidel blood?

Islam is unique in its ability to harness discontent, wrap it up in self-righteousness and channelize it towards brutal violence. To characterize the Palestinian issue as a territorial one is to not understand it at all. Listen to the Islamic clerics recite the relevant Quranic verses and you will realize that territory is irrelevant. The destruction that is demanded by the Quran is not of Israel – but of Jews themselves. Israel did not exist at the time the Quran was written and yet it is replete with murderous exhortations to slay Jews.  Your kind sensibilities may inhibit you from entertaining this idea, but I hope you will be persuaded by evidence. See this video-clip I have embedded on my blog. Or this one. And this one.

Disproportionate Funding and Poverty

Yes it is true that Israel receives enormous funding. Why do you think the Palestinians do not (or could not)? The US and European Union regularly fund the PA but the money evaporates within the irredeemably corrupt officials. Egypt is kept afloat with the help of US funds. The same goes for Pakistan. Why do you believe that the US is obliged to cradle Islamic nations? Why can the Saudis, Kuwaitis and Iranians not fund the impoverished Palestinians? They are sending enormous sums to fund Jihad. Why can they not help their starving Palestinian brothers? Answer: The Koran promises Jannat (heaven – replete with 72 virgins) most lavishly for Jihad. With the power of the purse and prestige that Saudi Arabia commands, Palestinians could be well-educated and prosperous even in their dire circumstances. Unfortunately Islamic salvation does not lie in prosperity. Salvation lies in adherence to Quranic doctrine and martyrdom! See the specific verses from the not-so-holy Quran that deal with God-sanctioned intolerance and violence.

Islam-specific bias.

saudiwomanYou ask a good question about whether we would be equally dismayed at Amish people’s peculiar traditions as we are about Islamic womens’ veils. Let me hazard a response. Nobody is denying the right of Amish people to live like 17 century throwbacks. Similarly, nobody is denying the right of muslim women to wear the veil, the hijab, the chaddor, the riddha or the burqa. The difference lies in the fact that an Amish person could choose to renounce his Amish heritage and traditions and join mainstream society without risking a public beheading or flogging. An Islamic person who rejects or renounces his/her faith and its injunctions can expect to be beheaded for his/her insolence – not because the Taliban is cruel – but because the Koran EXPLICITLY DEMANDS it. The Bible also demands pretty gruesome penalties but secular society has placed controls on such barbaric impulses. This is not the case in the Islamic world. This is the CRUCIAL difference. When you see dismay at the Muslim veil or hijab, it is not because its a fashion faux pas but because it is symptomatic of the viciousness of the underlying philosophy (i.e. Islam and its institutionalized barbarism).

Regarding christian missionaries and their forcible conversions….. If this is indeed happening, then they are just as reprehensible as the Islmic Jihadists and no apologies / excuses should be entertained for this. However, the world I see today is one where (a predominantly christian but secular) Europe and US fought a war with Serbia (Slobodan Milosevic) to put an end to the genocide of ethnic Albanian muslims. Contrast that with the fact that Sudan’s government is willfully permitting genocide in Darfur where millions of Christians are being slaughtered by muslim thugs and NOT A SINGLE Islamic country  has even issued a censure.  On the contrary, they are organizing asylum to for the Sudanese President Bashir if he were to be apprehended by UN forces. If you notice, whenever a Jihadi act occurs, Islamists are quick to give excuses and feeble explanations – but they are never too eager to repudiate Jihad itself. This remains true whether the act is a massacre in Mumbai or Madrid.

Admittedly the west in general and the US in particular is not completely blameless and should not be excused for its misadventures – but we should also not overlook the  flagrant violations and transgressions that are par for the course in the Islamic world.

In conclusion.

You make some interesting points and they reflect your gentle sensibilities – but they do not withstand closer scrutiny. All religions have their share of lunatics and extremists. But it is irrefutably evident that Islam is today’s biggest source of bigotry and blood-lust. Our (relatively) rational thinking, cannot explain this level of insanity and so we convince ourselves that there is some serious and peculiar injustice that is meted out to the muslims which explains the rabid neurosis. A closer examination of the facts as well as of the Koran will show you that the Root cause of Islamic terror is Islam itself!


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  1. […] Cool Costumes placed an interesting blog post on Historical injustice leads to Islamic violence? Bullshit!Here’s a brief overviewA few days ago, I received a comment from Maidak stating that historical injustices cannot be ignored when viewing Islamic violence. […]

  2. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  3. You were too nice about it.

  4. Great site this myminddroppings.wordpress.com and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

  5. Nice post Rohit. I think maidak’s arguments are mostly “tu quoque” fallacies. Islam should be judged independently and not in relation to anything else.

  6. If ‘historical injustices’ were the prime cause of terrorism, and it was anywhere near as simple as that, then we would see both Native American Indians and Jews flying planes into tall buildings. But we don’t – and we won’t.

    The cause of Islamic terrorism is ISLAM. It is as simple and straightforward as that. Islam is not like its two Abrahamic sister faiths, Judaism and Christianity. Islam is also a political system. The Quran urges ALL Muslims to work towards implementing Sharia Law in NON Muslim nations. And today, right now, in the UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, and America, this is PRECISELY what we can see happening.

    In the UK, the list of concessions that has been granted to Muslims beggars belief.

    To emphasise one point touched upon in the post:

    Israel did not remove anyone’s culture or rights. The very term ‘palestinian’ ALWAYS referred TO the Palestinian Jews that have been living in that region for the past 3500 years – non stop.

    It was the Arab world that rejected the two state solution and then declared war on the new Jewish state. Had the Arab world instead embraced the hand of friendship extended BY the Jews, then today we would already HAVE a Palestinian Arab state existing alongside the tiny sliver of land that is now Israel.


    • Hello JewWithAView,

      Firstly, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a message. I totally concur with you that “Historical Injustice” is a mendacious red-herring promulgated by muslims and propagated by the politically-correct media.

      If Historical Injustice were a potent force then we would see several such communities conducting terrorist activities. But we only see Islamists being the Stars of Terrorism. And you are right that the inpiration for the same comes from the Koran itself.

      I guess its better to hear it from the horse’s mouth itself:

      See this Video-clip

      Its just a 6 minute clip – but it conveys the Islamic outlook simply and unambiguously. Check it out.

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  8. […] of a few and yet fail to denounce those very same actions convincingly. In fact, when I see them deflect responsibility with lame excuses and feeble justifications, I want to treat them as a part of the problem. They knowingly or […]

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  11. Good site on Islam and the dangers it poses to America and the rest of the world. Preaching that Islam is a religion of peace is a crock and trying to get Sharia law incorporated into the US is totally crazy and should be avoided at all costs.

    Islam is not part of our heritage and can’t coexist with our beliefs, it’s trying to mix oil and water. If you wish to be part of America you must embrace the values of America and not be trying to overpower or change them.

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