Ram Sena: The saffron Taliban

Pramod Mutalik - Ram Sena chief jihadiI need to momentarily deviate from my usual rants against the religion-of-peace and lavish my attention on another set of equally devout and pious pricks called the Ram Sena operating out of India. During my (somewhat) long absence from this blog, this group of spineless pigs shot to infamy for their strident defense of Hindu culture and Hindu tradition. Getting their puny chests puffed with self-righteous indignation, they valiantly mobbed, attacked and humiliated the single biggest threat to the Hindu Nation – i.e. the independent minded woman who goes clubbing and pubbing!

I imagine that you are rising from your chairs to applaud and salute their gallantry. I will expect nothing less!

Imitation is the highest form of flattery and it seems Hindu zealots are so thoroughly smitten by their Taliban cousins that they are eager to adopt their principles for themselves. These saffron swine are telling us that they are safeguarding Hindu culture from corrupting western influences (like Valentines Day). They have a notion of utopia – its called Ram Rajya (i.e.  The Dominion of Ram).  They seek to establish Ram Rajya here on earth – especially in India – and rid her of all this cancerous stuff called “progress”.

Ram Rajya:

Life under Ram Rajya would be tranquil, safe, just, pious and above all, righteous! And righteousness demands that women in particular, know their place and stay there. A woman is not supposed to be leading a life that is not completely devoted to, and in service of, her man. She is not supposed to wear clothing that flatters her. She is not supposed to pursue a career that liberates her. She is not supposed to engage in any kind of self-satisfying revelry. The fact that she may serve her interests means that she is not serving those of her husband. And if she should try, she must be brought to heel – through coercion and public humiliation if need be.

Jai Shri Ram!
(Can you hear the echoes of Allah-o-Akbar?)

In my previous posts I have traced Islamist lunacy to the Koran. Similarly, it seems strikingly evident to me that this kind of Hindu hyper-piety has its roots in the Ramayan itself. Sita was the epitome of submission and subservience. She married a dude (some would say ‘dud’) who renounces a royal life to honor his father’s commitment to his wife/concubine. Since Sita is ‘the wife’ she is obligated to part-take in Ram’s practice of washing his father’s sins. In the process, she gets abducted and later rescued through epic battles, to return to her throne – only to be found sorely deficient in character by some loser. For the crime of being the victim, she is once again sent into exile – but this time, alone and pregnant with twins. Years later, her tribulations end only when she is swallowed by the earth. For this career of endless sacrifice, subservience and submission in the face of grave injustice, she is revered as god-mother and her purity of nature is celebrated. In other words, her stature is predicated on her willingness to be victimized.

Jai Shri Ram!
(Can you hear the echoes of Allah-o-Akbar?)

Modern women who seek a career for themselves and have a sense of their own identity are therefore unacceptable in Ram Rajya. They are to be persecuted, humiliated and brought to submission. Once their subjugation is complete, we can fete them for their righteousness. This is the mind-set of Ram-Sena and its ideological brethren (VHP, Bajrang Dal et al). Some months ago, Bajrang Dal activists were bringing flourish and color to their resumes by burning churches and raping nuns in Orissa. These insecure wimps don’t seem to notice that even Ravan (their idea of evil incarnate) did not commit the excesses that they so eagerly and willingly visit upon women. Obviously they feel that God is on their side and what’s a couple of rapes between friends?

Jai Shri Ram!
(Can you hear the echoes of Allah-o-Akbar?)

3266029660_6fa0206dd8_bBut jokes aside – I have been thoroughly thrilled by the Pink Chaddi Campaign (Pink Panties Campaign).  Their goal is to festoon these shining examples of Hindu Masculinity with the ultimate show of genteel affection – The Pink Undie. These bastards need to be exposed and thoroughly maligned. I would urge you to read through the Blogpost at the URL above and/or visit their facebook page and show your solidarity. There are email addresses of various officials and functionaries who need to be told that Enough is Fucking Enough!

And as for Mr. Pramod Muthalik ….. considering your abject lack of balls, these should not only fit well, but they would also look awfully fetching on you! You lucky bitch you!!


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  2. You, too, seem rightfully outraged….. Good piece… I think our opinions converge.



  3. Hi again…. I am afraid I am going to have to write a useless comment that merely says that I completely agree with you. I share your sense of outrage and anger at these so called “culture police”. There are legitimate parallels that can be drawn between these extremists and the Islamic extremists.

    However, the crucial difference is in the lack of suicide bombers and AK 47 wielding lunatics roaming around….

    The thing also to note on the Ramayana is that the story of Sita being sent away to the forest and the twins being born etc are supposed to be in a tome called the “Uttar Ramayana” which supposedly is not part of the original tale. If one were to just read the Ramayana, the story has a “happy” ending with the triumph of truth/good over evil and everyone living happily ever after.

    The Uttar Ramayana was decidedly written by some crazy zealot who had a twisted sense of sexuality no doubt. 😉

  4. Hi Outraged,

    Granted that there is a difference in that there are no suicide bombers and such like – but I would argue that religiously sanctioned female-subjugation and religious-genocide (a la Jihad) are two points on the same continuum. In other words, if religious zealots are grated ANY legitimacy then it is only a matter of time before they grow even more pernicious. Already we see Bajrang-dal and its fellow-travelers burning churches and raping and killing christians (nuns). This is no different than Jihadi impulse to kill and subjugate Kafirs. If they get more room to play we can only imagine what they come up with next.

    Regarding Ramayan 1 v/s Ramayan-the Sequel…. the difference is probably academic. Nobody of any consequence has repudiated the Uttar Ramayan and it is treated just as much as the original as the “model” for a moral life. (I would argue that the Ramayan and Ram in particular is itself a wicked distortion of morality – but that’s a different topic altogether).

    This argument about “Uttar Ramayan” being a subversion of sorts is just as substantive as saying the Old Testament and its blood-lust are to be ignored and only the New Testament is to be used for critiquing Christianity. This is a lame excuse because nobody has ever discarded the Old Testament. Apologists for Christianity find it a convenient way to deflect attention from the most damming aspects of the faith.

    • Hi mindroppings,

      Unfortunately I cannot agree with on the ‘Sri ramsena’ issue. As you are well aware, it is not those girls who are traditional are being targetted by muslim thugs to convert to islam, in the name of love. But it is the forward looking, educated women folks, especially the students who have been targertted by the fanatics. As many as 15 to 20 cases have been heard every month of the elopement of the girls with young muslims & their hapless parents cannot take any action, because the constitutional law doesnt permit so….. If indeed the islamic lunacy has gone to the level of street fight, we indeed have no option but to support hindu thugs like ‘sri ram sena’…. I think it is better for women folks to get half burnt in a frying pan, rather than directly put to fire……

  5. I agree that there are aspects of the regular Ramayana that are definitely questionable. However, it is not so blatantly denigrating to women – at least as far as I know. I am not making apologies for the Ramayana at all – just pointing something out that might help to delineate issues. And overall I agree that if the effect of Uttar Ramyana on the Hindu psyche is to condemn women to subjugation – then who cares if the 2 texts were written by different people or if they were indeed different. It is the impact that matters.

    As for the Hindu-jihadists being 2 points on the same continuum, I don’t disagree completely. I will point out though the difference between the 2 is that (and you have vehemently argued this point in all your previous posts) in 1 case, there is a book that tells you to go kill “kafirs” and thats the way to heaven for you and your family. In the other situation, there are few extremists who are raping nuns and destroying churches of their own accord and there is no book or organized religio-nuts dangling the promise of heaven to them.

    Of course in the end, to the poor nuns and priests killed by the rabid Hindus, the difference is not worth the paper its written on.

  6. Outraged,

    I agree with the general thrust of your point.

    I agree that although ALL religions are fundamentally irrational (because they purport to know truths that they cannot substantiate), all of them do not pose an equal hazard to humanity. Islam is particularly toxic as I have mentioned in my earlier posts. While the taliban is universally reviled, there are others who deserve similar condemnation for their abusive conduct. And that was the main thrust of this post.

    We owe it to ourselves, as informed citizenry, to ensure that when such egregious transgressions occur, we are unabashed in our criticism of both the offender and the philosophy he/she purports to espouse. It is only this INTOLERANCE from our side that will keep the lunatic fringe at the fringe.

    If, on the other hand we were to excuse religion and religious texts from the responsibility of the havoc that they wreck, we are setting ourselves up for more obscurantist barbarism. And when it comes to obscurantism, Saffron is gradually becoming the new Green in India.

    However, to give credit where credit is due, most Indians (mostly hindus) have shown their contempt for the Ram Sena. And in doing so, they have relegated it to the fringes.

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