Jew-hating is the cornerstone of Islamic militancy

The reason why I have no respect for religion in general is that it creates walls where bridges are needed. It creates an in-group – out-group mentality and further sanctifies it as a commandment from with God/Allah/Yahweh/Vishnu/….. . In other words, it institutionalizes hatred and sanctifies bigotry. Most societies have moved (at least somewhat) beyond such narrow-minded doctrines. In the case of Islamic societies however, this kind of institutionalized hatred is alive and well and it assumes sinister proportions.  This is *exactly* what we see in the Islamic world towards non-muslims (infidels) in general and towards the Jewish people in particular. It is inconceivable for us to articulate such un-adulterated hatred and un-diluted contempt so it is best conveyed in their own words.

Here is a ‘Professor’ (I don’t know of what – maybe bigotry) from the UAE that asserts that Jewish doom at the hands of the Muslim faithful is a pledge to be redeemed. According to him, Allah allowed the existence of a Jewish state to make it convenient for the faithful to carry our his commandments because the Jews are now together in a concentrated region. This is why I say that Islam is the root-cause of Islamic terror.

And if you have the stomach for more venom check out this Palestinian sheikh-prick who forecasts global Islamic rule where all of us can expect to live under the kind benevolence of Islam – EXCEPT THE JEWS! Why? Because the Jews are the worst of earthly species which cannot be reformed and hence should only be exterminated!  This dick-head may not be an official Hamas member – but should he be considered a moderate? What about his ‘flock’ sitting in rapt attention?


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  1. It’s sickening, and reinforces my dislike for religion that it is so divided. I mean Islamic sects themselves are divided – with tension between all of them. For example, I had a debate with a Muslim guy who refused to acknowledge Qadianis as Muslims, and since I am an ex-Qadiani, he started mocking my debate after he found that out.

    Moreover, I have heard so many racist remarks from Muslims against Jews, which sort of rules out the whole ‘Islam = tolerance’ characteristic.

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