How Multi-culturalism coddles Militant Islam.

Islam is not unique in terms of sheer cruelty in its doctrine. Several of its predecessors have unspeakable brutality enshrined within their “holy books”. The vicious villainy that was perpetrated during the Inquisition can be directly traced to the xenophobia sanctified by the Bible and the zealotry demanded by it. However, between then and now, western thought has remade western society where religious dogma has been subordinated to secular values. Even eastern traditions like Hinduism which had codified apartheid in the form of the caste-system have been coaxed into relaxing their grip on civil society. This is not to say that social evils have been banished. It just means that social evils are clearly recognizable as such and there is no moral ambiguity about it.

This reform has not yet arrived in the world of Islam. (Some may argue that it did arrive and we did see language, art, music, science and mathematics flourish for several centuries and that it has now regressed.) Either way, the world of Islam today stands belligerently opposed to modernity in all forms save one – i.e. lethal weapons. The Islamist outlook is a socio-military covenant with the Almighty to bring the peoples of the world under the banner of Islam through coaxing if possible and by the sword if necessary [see video at end of this post].

This kind of naked zealotry is something that western societies have long purged from their midst. In fact, they have invented an antidote to religiosity called “multi-culturalism” with which western society seems to be utterly besotted. The thesis is that if we were to only treat other people, their faiths and their practices with fawning indulgence, we will erode their genocidal impulse and bring them into our fold.

Although it is well-intentioned, this approach is utterly bereft of intellectual substance.  Religion and religious doctrine has NEVER yielded to higher sentiments. It is not in the nature of religion in general and Islam in particular to withdraw to a secondary position for the larger good of humanity. In fact, Islam demands surrender, submission and subservience from humanity so as to exalt itself. To feed this wolf and expect that it will go quietly into the night and  not demand more blood and flesh is stupidity of the highest order.

And yet, this is *exactly* what western society is doing. We pander to Islamic sentiments in manners we would not pander to anything else. We misinterpret their propensity for rage and violence as unfortunate sentiments borne out of admirable devotion to their faith. We refrain from robust critique even when faced with most egregious displays of bigotry (case in point: Danish cartoons during which not a single front-line media outlet in the US and UK published the cartoons although they reported the violence that it sparked). This kind of craven cowardice goes by the name of “multi-culturalism”.

Multi-culturalism is that vapid mindset that pretends to trace its lineage from the lofty traditions of secular thought. It is however a lowly and a crass impersonator who has gone unchallenged because we are all too busy to parse the issue and take a principled stance.  Multi-culturalism advocates that all cultures and heritages are equal (and noble) and that we ought not to be too offended when we see backward dogmas play themselves out in our midst. We are counseled that this tolerance is a hallmark of our progressiveness. This is utter bull-shit!

Our progressiveness lies in the adoption of secular values and the discarding of parochial mindsets. Tolerance toward such parochialism is not “progressiveness”. It is indeed a shameful abdication of our ethics. Worse – it is an abandonment of intellect and integrity. There is NO substance in the argument that we can wean anyone away from Islamic orthodoxy without confronting and exposing Islamic orthodoxy. We cannot claim that Islam is noble and also expect that believers not act upon the very same Islamic teachings. So, it would seem that we are NOT INTERESTED in exposing Islam for what it is. It seems we’d rather coddle Islamists and pander to their brute insanity in the hope that they will look kindly upon us. And just so that this capitulation of intellect and principle  is not recognized for what it is,  we have dressed it up in glistening purple and gold and christened it “Multi-culturalism”.  I don’t know about you but it smells pretty pathetic to me.

So, we are faced with 2 conflating phenomena which  pose an ominous threat to civil society. Islamic bigotry & blood-lust has just mated with Western pusillanimity and the mongrel off-spring of such an intercourse has yielded a salivating monster that devours the very society that offers it sanctuary.


2 Responses

  1. The worst forms of multiculturalism are even worse than you describe: They not only preach sensitivity to all schools of thought, but seek to endow each of them with equal legitimacy.

    “Now, Mr. Singh, I understand that you are trying to stay alive. But Mr. al-Masri has an equal right to kill you!”

  2. […] that was a misunderstanding. But he said: “When the Muslim population gets to a critical mass you have problems. That is a general rule, so if it applies everywhere it applies in […]

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