Koran – an all or nothing deal [video]!

In my earlier post I stated that the prime motivation for Islamic terror comes from Islamic doctrine. Many people have said to me that every religious text contains some instructions that are not applicable to modern day and we should not be too picky about ancient texts.

I would like to agree with you – but too much evidence is stacked against such a charitable outlook. While most societies  have come to accept that religious doctrine should not be understood in literal terms, the world of Islam is  insistent that the Koran is to be followed in its entirety.

Islamic societies and scholars still insist and assert that the Koran is the full and final word of GOD and not open to human re-interpretation or selective reading. In other words, you cannot pick up the benign and benevolent aspects of the Koran (e.g. charity, kindness….) and leave out the pernicious aspects. You MUST accept all of the Koran or you are as good (or as bad) as a Kafir (in which case you must be put to the sword).

Here is an example of an Saudi Islamic scholar who insists on the full application of the Koran in today’s times. He bemoans the tendency to frown upon terrorists for they are Allah’s most loyal followers.

Mind you this is not a dead-end loser in some Madrasa in the backwaters of Peshawar or Quetta. This is opulent Saudi Arabia – the home of Mecca and Medina.

Several eminent citizens who lay claim the Islamic faith are often appalled at the horrors committed in the name of their faith and sincerely ask what kind of Islam is this? I would like to tell them that this is the “authentic” Islam. These urbane folks who have been brought up in secular settings have no concept of their religious doctrine and naively presume that their gentle and mild version of Islam is the “true” Islam. They are sorely mistaken.

I’m looking at you Mr. Shah Rukh Khan.


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  1. Hahaha, I love the referene to Shah Rukh Khan. So true.

    I have to bring this up again though, why do some Muslims neglect the idea that Saudi Arabia is a Muslim nation? They refuse to believe that a Muslim nation can be so corrupt as to not letting women drive, enforcing shariah law to the benefit of men, etc. Supposedly, this is not the true Islam. Or is it?

    I also argued the many cases of rape victims who are stoned to death for adultery, and it was demanded of me that I present verses or Sunnah that encourage it. It’s a little more complicated than that, sadly.

    What really bugs me about the all or nothing is that when you argue with some people about the Quran they say that it is a matter of interpretation. They see the verses in the Quran as purely allegorical – which is rubbish. Like, for example, the surah that tells you to beat your wife – apologists argue that it means with a toothpick or toothbrush (some crap like that) so it doesn’t hurt them. What???!

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