The root cause of Islamic terror is Islam itself!

Violence and bigotry are enshrined in the Koran

How is Islam so blood-stained?

Many a writer has wasted paper and ink trying to identify the numerous “root-causes” of Islamic terror. We have been told that poverty, lack of education, lack of opportunity, political alienation, historical injustices and a whole host of factors play into in the making of a terrorist – specifically an Islamic terrorist.  The custodians of public wisdom regularly speak in scholarly tones about  the factors that plague the psyche of the suicide-bomber. Everything is examined and blamed except the elephant in the room: ISLAM itself.

Quick Note: I am not saying all Muslims are terrorists or violence-prone. In fact I will categorically state that most are not! Even if you accept that 99% of muslims are peaceful, the remaining 1% (of 1.5 billion) constitutes a staggering number of genocidal fanatics who derive their inspiration and justification directly from the Koran without any intellectual filters (what else is the meaning of a ‘fundamentalist’?).  Nonetheless, self-described “experts” tell us that the driving motivation comes from elsewhere. The purpose of this post is to refute the various excuses for Islamic terror.

1. Poverty, lack of education & opportunity ;

The 9/11 hijackers were all from well-to-do families with no exposure to privations and hardship. The suicide-bombers of London were born and brought up in U.K. with no personal experience that suggests the abject poverty of Khandahar, Mogadishu or Peshawar. Osama bin-Laden himself hails from one of the most affluent families in Saudi Arabia. Ayman Zawahiri (bin-Laden’s deputy) was a practicing physician in Cairo before starting a career in global Jihad. Many of the funders of Jihad are themselves obscenely rich sheikhs from the middle-east.

These are not dead-enders who “fall prey” to the inducements of a wicked mullah. These are western-educated professionals (doctors, architects, engineers) who come from relatively privileged backgrounds who choose to embrace the most malevolent aspects of scripture.

These are also not exceptions. They are the stars of Islamic Terror and their story belies the claim that poverty leads people into terror. Conversely speaking, if poverty were the cause of terror, we would have billions of terrorists around the world because poverty and plight is not restricted to one religious community alone. We should therefore stop deceiving ourselves with the idea that Islamic terrorism is an outcome of poverty or lack of education or opportunity.  In fact, it is evident that education is not an adequate inoculation against Jihadi impusles.

2. Political Alienation:
This is one of the more sophisticated ploys at abdicating (and deflecting) responsibility and it is also patently absurd. The lament that muslims feel politically alienated in non-muslim countries (India, Britain, US, France…) rings hollow. Flawed as these societies may be, they are structurally not discriminatory. In fact many people of the Islamic faith hold high office and command considerable stature in these societies. Can the same be said about Islamic countries? No. In other words, despite the fact that Islamic countries enforce explicit prohibitions against people of other faiths (Dhimmis) attaining high office or stature, one does not see the kind of frenzied social unrest  that one sees when Islamic populations live in a secular (or a non-islamic) society. I don’t know about you – but it sounds an awful lot like what’s true for the goose is not true for the gander.

And now for the Islamists favorite whine : Palestine and Iraq. Granted that the Palestinian problem is a long-running issue – but how does that impact the Muslims of Mumbai or London or Chechnya or Indonesia?  The USA has been in Iraq for 5 years (since 2003). Was Iraq an Islamic paradise before the US invaded? How many muslims bemoaned the atrocities that Saddam  inflicted upon other muslims?  So how can political alienation be a plausible issue for which Jihad is a reasonable response? It is not! Stop sobbing over it!

3. Historical injustices:

This is yet another canard that raises a lot of dust and consequently glosses over the barbarity of Jihad. In the long period of human history every community or clan or nation has had periods of triumph and periods of subjugation. Is this enough reason for people of such a community to wallow in self-pity and try to restore honor through mass-murder? The native Indians in America was subjected to unspeakable dispossession. The untouchable castes in India have been treated with unforgivable indignities and cruelty by their  co-religionists (Hindus) for millenia. Are these communities planting bombs in railway stations and busy markets? Only the Islamists are doing such acts. This must mean that there is something *unique* about Islam.

There is. It is called the Koran!

The primary cause of Islamic terror

Violence is an integral part of Islam

Violence is an integral part of Islam

The Koran (like its theological predecessors) is replete with genocidal instructions. It further claims to be the immutable, irrevocable and final word of GOD. This leaves no room for re-interpretation or refinement or improvement. Islam has a binary outlook towards humanity (a) The believers of Allah and (b) the rest (i.e. unbelievers or Kafirs). It is not only permissible by the Koran for believers to kill the unbelievers, but it is their solemn duty. [Allah is an enemy to the disbelievers – Koran 2:98; Only evil people are disbelievers – Koran: 2:99 ; Kill disbelievers wherever you find them – Koran 2:191-2; War is ordained by Allah, and all Muslims must be willing to fight, whether they like it or not. Koran 2:216].

The above is a quick sampling only from chapter 2 and a thorough study would reveal even more ghastly instructions.  The Koran provides the machinery through which public frustration can be harnessed, channelized and justified. It provides the basis on which communities can  seek redressal for their misfortunes through mass-murder and still be on the right side of God’s ledger.

To say that the fanatics are misguided about the instructions of the Koran is patently false. In fact they are the only ones that know the scripture. Yet we succumb to the notion that “Islam is a noble religion which has been sadly misinterpreted”. It is not!

Islam is NOT in the business of being noble. It is only in the business of being DOMINANT. It is filled with reprehensible prescriptions that are not compatible with a civilized society. However, this does not make all muslims reprehensible. Most of them are indeed good people – but their goodness does not come because of the Koran but despite it.

Political Correctness is the secondary cause

Tolerating Islamic Intolerance

Tolerating Islamic Intolerance

When commentators say that Islam is about peace they are only pandering to political correctness. They try to excuse Islam from the evil that is perpetrated under its name. They make Islam sound like a victim of bad-publicity. As a result, Islam is never examined or challenged in public discourse and doing so is considered impolite and insensitive (not to mention sacriligous). Therefore, there is NO basis for anyone to think that Islam should NOT be a moral-guide. After all, it is wearing the robes of nobility and everyone (including the secular commentariat) has just certified it as noble, benign and just.

A muslim who expresses his devotion without acting out the pernicious aspects of the Koran may well be considered “moderate” or “enlightened” – but this designation is only valued in the non-Islamic society. As per the edicts of the Koran, he is betraying the faith and  therefore is a ‘Kafir’. [ If you believe in only part of the Scripture, you will suffer in this life and go to hell in the next – Koran 2:85]. Hence we see that the Islam demands total and un-diluted adherence to a doctrine that has been certified by prevailing sensibilities as “beyond reproach”.So…. what do we do about it? [See post on Confronting Islamic Terror]


19 Responses

  1. I’d just like to question one aspect of the dialogue above:

    I am no historian and know very little about the realities on the ground when the Koran was written. I’d like to understand if the implications on the ground when the Koran was written have been considered in the dialogue above. Is it plausible that the Koran was written during a time when there was substantial abuse of the poor and downtrodden either by the affluent or people of other beliefs, in and around the location where it was written – thus the blatancy of “kill unbelievers”; which ofcourse is being exploited by extremists today, even though it doesn’t apply now given that that era is over?

    For many stories in the Bible, if examined based on time, ground realities and local practices then, a lot can be explained and thus an interpretation of the same for modern times can be derived. Has such an explanation been examined for the Koran?

  2. Victor,

    It may well be that the Koran represents the best wisdom available at the time of its writing. But when it is believed beyond doubt to be God’s revelation to Prophet Mohammed, it assumes an aura of timeless and unquestionable validity. To be selective in the understanding and adoption the Koran’s prescriptions means applying human intellect and wisdom to edit the word of God.

    A fundamentalist is called a fundamentalist precisely because he/she does not further examine the dictates of the faith in the light of new evidence or wisdom and simply follows it. This is *exactly* what a Mujahideen is doing.

    I appreciate that you have been honest enough to say that even though Islam does say horrible things, they may have had significance in a bygone era. But the so-called intelligentia is deluding itself (and us) by saying that Islam does not say such things. That is grossly dishonest.

    While it is equally true that Christian dogma is similarly pernicious, the fact remains that Christian societies are no longer burning people at the stake on the suspicion of witch-craft or heresy. This reflects the advancement of those societies and not the benevolence of Christian doctrine. But we must examine how that advancement came about.

    It came about because secular politics continued to push against the tyranny of the church. The crucial distinction at this point is that secular politics has capitulated to “political correctness”. Instead of saying that certain things (stonings, beheadings, FGM…) are wrong irrespective of Islamic dogma, we hear them saying that those wrong things have nothing to do with Islam itself. This is not only intellectually bankrupt, it is also dangerous because it inadvertently facilitates the leveraging of that dogma for wicked purposes (i.e. terrorism).

  3. You are assuming that the jokers with the guns in hands who strap a bomb on their own chest actually give a shit to what is written in the Koran, and have read it at all?

    While the Osamas are all educated, they are smart enough to not get killed themselves. They don’t care about the 72 virgins. They are more inclined to send the rest of their gangs up there.

    Those are the scumbag humans. The scumbags you have in all countries, religions, races, ages, eras.

    As for Koran teachings – well – partially agree with you. How else can you explain the universality of the muslim terrorist phenomenon? And partially coz the 99% remaining are still sane.

    On an interesting side note – remember the Israeli prof who thought of teaching the Koran learnings? Ha! He thought the Mosie bastards will let him!

  4. TechSlash,
    I am not *assuming* anything. I am simply listening to the Islamic scholars talking about Islam itself. See indoctrination in action: (Kuwaiti cleric) or (8-10 year-olds being indoctrinated) or (11 yr olds expressing a desire for martyrdom)

    While OBL might not have made his appointment with the 72 virgins yet, it is true that all the 19 hijackers did. These were highly educated professionals but that did not give them a better sensibility. People feel they got indoctrinated in mosques of Hamburg. The reality is that they were already marinated in Islamic ideology since childhood (see above youtube snippets). Hamburg provided them with the catalyst of place and time.

    Palestinian suicide bombers who did not successfully complete their mission (either due to a malfunction or vigilance of a security patrol) are on record detailing how they chose “martyrdom”. Even if they don’t know the exact chapter and verse that says so, this dogma is pervasive in Islamic societies and so it becomes a part of their psyche. Upon the completion of a suicide mission, the living relatives are congratulated by neighbors and relatives because the martyr has accrued enough good fortune for the family so the whole family is now be eligible for heavenly abode.

    The problem we (secular individuals or infidels) have is that we cannot *imagine* this kind of single-minded belief that is devoid of all reason. We think of words like “heaven” and “hell” as allegorical metaphors – but to true believers they are real and definitive. We just cannot relate to this way of thinking. As a result we are beguiled into thinking that the terrorists are poor country bumpkins that were duped or bribed or otherwise misled.

  5. the problem is not the book, its the people. if it was the book then it would not be the second largest religion in the world and the fastest growing religion in today’s world. people in north america are still converting to islam(even white laid back christian ppl in Texas). you know why? it’s because the Quran is the ultimate truth!
    by 2025 islam will be the religion followed by most people on this planet. no matter how much negative propaganda ppl like you spread the truth will still stand out.

    it’s childish to quote the holy scripture out of context. a great book which people have been studying in depth for 1400 years. try reading the whole quran with tafsir for yourself and then try to determine if it’s the true msg of God or not! you should srsly stop watching random youtube video and negative articles to chose and pick what suits your thoughts.

    if you really want to research the truth about islam then study it like a proper academic. as i mentioned read the quran and it’s tafsir, find out why we consider it a miracle and read the sahih bukhari hadith to find out about the sayings of prophet(pbuh). Then if you have time go and ready the bible, the torah and your hindu scriptures and compare what is actually the word of God. you can also talk to people who are well read in quranic sciences and have spend most of their life researching it eg: dr zakir naik from irf.

    if you are looking for the truth then you will find it, God willing. if you are just bored with family life and looking for some other window then srsly…spend more time with your kids.

    there are multiple ways of interpreting religous texts and extremist are in every religion. if you wikkipedia hinduism you will find its not even considered a religion. its seriously just a way of living well. however, you find hindu extremist by the tonnes(what abt the malgaon bombings). what about the chistian crusaders?

    i know it was emotially moving what happened in mumbai and even a lot of us indian muslims are very angry about it. but try battling the real reasons that caused it. battling all of islam is a bad idea and you will just create more conflicts with muslims. if you are looking for the truth about God then search for the truth honestly. if you want to disturb harmony and create conflict then just sit put on your chair because we don’t need people like you. and if you bored with your family life and are suffering some sort of middle age crisis then go spend time with your wife and kids or go see a doctor!!

    • Don’t wast time telling them if I ware a non muslim I would have said that but how can I, after believing the first lesson of Islam is to compromise and you did that ,thank you for that take care Allah is most gracious and we will have our answer…….

  6. StinkingDroppings,
    Some decades (or centuriues) ago, Islam was NOT the fastest growing faith, does that mean that the Islam/Koran was “invalid” at that time? Just because Islam is the fastest growing religion does not mean it is “valid” or even “popular”. Most people “belong” to a faith purely by accident of birth and not a choice-of-conscience. So – just get over this orgasmic stupor about “fastest growing religion”.

    What do you mean by “out-of-context quoting of holy scripture”? In what context is it OK to stone / kill apostates or kafirs? I quoted some of the verses/lines in Chapter 2 and in none of those does it say that kill the infidel only if he is wicked for such-n-such reason. The fact that he is an infidel / non-believer (kafir) is enough wickedness for which he should be killed.

    I have said in an earlier comment that Christianity and Judaism is equally full of such violent crap. To that I will add that Hinduism is also full of hateful nonsense. If the topic of this essay was “Christian terror” I would say that its origin lies in Christianity and the same for Jewish terror and ditto for Hindu terror. But the topic of this essay is “Islamic terror” and hence the diagnosis i.e. Islam. I am not a fan of any religion so you are not getting any points for pointing fingers at other faiths.

    In conclusion: I do believe that you, like millions of other Indian muslims (and Pakistani muslims) are sincere about your anger and frustration at the Mumbai attacks. But when it comes to examining religious terrorism you want to excuse religion from it and you talk about looking for “real reasons”. The usual set of “real reasons” is what I have refuted through my post and you have not provided any concrete rebuttal to that. All you want is that Islam should not be brought into this. The fact is that I do not need to. The Islamic terrorists have already done that. Now instead of addressing that, you are giving me sanctimonious advice about “keeping harmony” and “avoiding conflict”. What does it say about Islam if you think questioning its writings is basis for disharmony or conflict? I don’t know about you – but does not seem like a religion of peace to me.

  7. So…. what do we do about it? [coming in the next post]

    Darn it. Your opinions are well thought out and accurate, and I was really looking forward to ‘the next post’. But this post was followed by the ‘ islamic cleric’ one; Boo, hiss. This question–what do we do about terrorism–is possibly the biggest one facing the world today, and I’d really like to see your take on it (even if we don’t agree on all the details ;-).

    That lame “It’s not the book, it’s the people” chorus is true: the problem is people who are gullible enough to listen to dishonest ignoramuses like Zakir Naik instead of reading the book themselves so they can see the incoherent hate mongering it really is.

    Realities on the ground when the koran was written were that Mohammed was a street preacher who couldn’t convert anyone but finally became rich and powerful leading a band of pirates to prey on the caravan routes. All the hating on unbelievers is his payback on those who rejected his early preaching.

  8. Uzza,

    This criticism from you about not having a substantive follow-up to this post is absolutely fair and well-deserved.

    Yes I did start out writing a part 2 of this post but my mind wandered off and the post was not cogent enough for my liking so I kept it on hold thinking I’d come back to it with a clearer mind. Of course, as time passed, other ideas came to my mind and this one just faded away. This is no excuse of course – but it is an explanation. I’ll get back to that one in a bit. Thanks for keeping me honest.

    The claim that “its the people and not the book” is only sensible in a veeeeery broad context. Of course, the people are the ones that commit atrocities and not inanimate objects like a book or a gun or an axe. So from that point of view it is the people. But whenever one examines the *motives* of the people, you will find apologists claiming that this has *NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM* That this the theme that I am refuting in this post.


  9. You do not understand Islam, never will be understood that something very, very beautiful, and why lie and say things not mentioned in the Koran

  10. Please at least bother to read the lines before the ones you have quoted from the Koran , at least have the patience to understand context !

    Would you please answer a question of mine!

    terrorist as they are the likes of osmana bin laden were also present in the war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan
    and funded very happily by the US were friends of US then.
    CIA and ISI trained them as their dogs, litttle did they know that the dogs can bite them too.

    • The above three responses from the muslims try to justify the violence in Islam in some form.

  11. Brother,
    Whatever you have put in here about Quran is totally wrong. Quran doesn’t teach us to kill non believers. Homicide is one of the biggest crimes in Islam. A homicide shall be forgiven by god for the foll points
    1) If it is for self defence
    2) If a person is trying to kill muslims to eradicate Islam.
    By definition reacting to 2nd point is known as Jehad. Jehad happened last time during Prophets time.

    These days even though there are a lot of killings happening, I believe none of them are aimed at eradicating Islam from the face of the earth. So the question of Jehad never comes.

    So before you judge a community please get the complete picture and comment. This article is a disgrace which can spread hatred against Islam. Let me assure you, the people who kill in the name of Islam these days are not righteously muslims.


  12. People!
    I was shocked when I read this. Because, it is wrong. You did not understand what Quran says. Quran does not say that kill unbelievers.During prophets time, there were unbeleivers who were very rude to Mohammad (prophet of Moslims). they insulted he. But did not answer them. It comes from his kindness.
    This is what Islam teaches us.
    “Be kind even they harm you. Everybody will be appriciated for his action sooner or later”.

    Please, be careful when you say any opinion about Quran,Be sure, and get more information about this subject. You blame Quran infair.

  13. Moslems started their activity and development by inviding nations. killing innocent people and to force them to be Moslems. when they get the power they will destroy the world cos Islam is inexorable,devilish, unblievably irrational, against morality and science. they usually tell they are rational and ready to talk but they don’t talk they kill you! they tell men and women are equal but at the same time tells women understand less than men and are not as worthy as men! they think the people can’t see what they are doing! they are here cos they kill everyone against themselves. Persia was a great country what happened to it: it is poor, no poets, no economy, no scientist and nothing just killing people in the streets, abuse men & women and things that never happened in the all human history! these are according to the Islamic regulations and all people in authority in Iran are Islamic scientists and know Islam better that ordinary people! all moslems can do is to kill or to tell abusive words.

  14. Only 1% radical? Very conservative. I think you give muslims, as a whole, too much credit.

    Polls among Western muslims in the UK and the US indicate as many as 40% support the use of terrorism to further (or defend) Islam.

    I imagine the results would be much higher in muslim countries.

    Other than that, excellent article! 🙂

  15. This is high time our friends Muslims should wake up and grow without justifying the unjustifiable…

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