The idiocy of Deepak Chopra.

Deepak Chopra has an incense-stick up his posterior. It is also the only source of light in him.

This self-styled self-help guru has diagnosed the Mumbai carnage is yet another fallout of the failed policies of the US war on terror. He believes that we (the US) have given grave offense to the muslims of this world and we are reaping the fruits of that which we sowed. See :Wall Street Journal report

Which US policy caused Sunnis and Shias to demolish and desecrate each other’s mosques in Iraq and Pakistan?  Which US policy provoked the marauding muslim maniacs in Darfur to kill christains of their own country and ethnicity? What US policy causes Islamic separatists in Chechnya to take a school hostage? Exactly how did the US hurt the delicate sentiments of the Lashkar-e-Tayeba and cause them to plot bombings in Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad…


The Lashkar-e-Tayeba is a vicious mongrel that has been fathered by the ISI and nurtured by the Pakistani political class. This has nothing to do with US Policies and everything to do with the Islamic world’s pathological incapability to co-exist in harmony with others.

Instead of seeing this self-evident fact, Chopra decides that it is infinitely more sophisticated to engage in self-blame. After all, it is the hallmark of the “enlightened multi-culturists” that we see ourselves as holding the key to our own salvation by taking responsibility.



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  1. After the attacks, Chopra was on CNN constantly. It was so aggravating to see him act as if he was a specialist on India & the world political scene! I think he should stick to his self-help books. BTW, I like this wordpress theme better than the older one.

  2. Seeing and pondering over very opposing opinions and messages I am sometimes very confused. I read Deepak Chopra’s books and was impressed by them. I hasten to say that if Science conflicts with his views, then I prefer Science.

    Now there are these opinions of him who I like a lot, while at the same time I am very concerned about the threat of Islam. I discovered this website last week and consider it a godsend. With very good articles. Now it blasts him, largely correct.

    Can I respond partially to Deepak Chopra’s comments? First, big yes to you saying they are absurd! There are 6,5 billion people or so on this earth and all have influence. The Muslims have big responsibilities and must be held accountable. Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Irshad Manji (democratic Muslima) have pointed to the following (not quotes):

    When we view the behavior of different groups of people of course we can praise or blame them for it, according solely to the behavior itself. But also we can praise or blame peoples differently because we find some more advanced, civilized, better educated etc than others. Say: Some we consider responsible human beings, others irresponsible ones, not much better than animals or children.

    We could study the behavior of lions, whose males sometimes kill the offspring of other males in order to be able to mate with the mothers of that offspring. If humans were to do this, we would condemn it in a second! But it is pretty useless to judge an animal isn’t it?

    It seems that many Westerners and Muslims have gotten used to the idea that Westerners and Israeli’s are responsible human beings, whereas Muslims are not much better than animals or children. Everybody who criticizes, blames anybody, does so, consciously or unconsciously assuming that the blamed person or people DID have choices and made the wrong ones. Otherwise what’s the point? So I like us to do this in equal measure to both Westerners-Israeli and Muslims.

    This is where Deepak Chopra goes disastrously wrong, in my view. But look, when we criticize-blame Muslims, in overwhelming majority we get back these childish reactions; Like: Are we bad, you are worse! Our faith is perfect, You cannot blame it for what individuals do, these terrorists only respond to YOUR agression, exploitation, oppression etc.

    This is NOT the way we want to respond to their criticisms-blames, I suppose. We like to give a good example to Muslims. We listen well, we gather as much relevant information as we can. We are like judges who consider each blame-case (or praise-case) with equal standards, regardless of origin of perpetrator or victim.

    We may and should criticize and blame Islam and Muslims to our hearts content, but always honestly comparing them with all the other humans in past and present. Which most of them do not seem capable of doing by the way.

    And the most beautiful reaction we can show the Muslims is to admit and learn from our mistakes and improve our minds accordingly. And they may represent our wake-up-call. We have to react, in order to make ourselves more beautiful inside and stronger. And by doing this making them more beautiful inside and stronger. In the long run. It seems to be all about beneficial competition.

    If you admit no guilt, blame, responsibility whatsoever, you also say you have no power to change, all the power is with the people you blame, who make you victim. If you are to have power, it is power to change the behavior of your own person, people, hence admitting there is room for improvement. This improvement can be anything, not just caving in to the opponent, but sometimes organising your defense better. It does not have to please the opponent one bit!

    This is the grave mistake of by the vast majority of the Muslims. Look at them, always regarding the Westerners-Israeli’s with the human responsibilities, themselves almost with none. Look at them saying; Oh, we should improve ourselves, but the enemy won’t let us! We have no guilt, hence no responsibities, hence no power!
    Let us be better than them in this respect!

  3. Hi Demsci,

    I agree with with you. In this instance, Deepak Chopra is purely “symptomatic” of the liberal guilt that is often masquerading as “enlightened thought”. BTW.. I consider myself a liberal – but tightly tethered to common-sense.

    I HAVE NO PROBLEM with taking responsibility where it is well deserved. Deepak Chopra’s comments in this context are nauseating to me – not because they are anti-american – but because they are devoid of common-sense. He has the intellect to understand the situation. He just prefers to take a position that paints him as “superior” by ascribing blame to America.

    The carnage in Mumbai had NOTHING to do with America. It had everything to do with blood-lust that is enshrined in the Koran and tactfully channellized into action by Pakistani masterminds (as determined by satellite phone intercepts).

    Yet, Mr. Chopra gets to be the “expert” on this issue and gets to pontificate on how we have brought about hardship on others which manifests in the form of mindless slaughter. And the worst part is that interviewer let him get away with this drivel.

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