A nation of wimps!


As the days pass, the Indian public finds out that the so-called “Security Apparatus” was purely a cosmetic pretense that crumbled under the slightest pressure.  The people are understandably enraged because of how disconnected the political establishment is from the core-mission of serving the people.

The  politicians only play out previously rehersed themes: i.e. Sack a few politicians ; Transfer a few civil-servants; Dole out insipid sops like “Resiliant Mumbai”, “The terrorists will never break our unity – PM” ….; Pretentious bluster “We shall give a fitting reply – Ms. Gandhi”

They want us to believe that they are working for us so that we will leave them alone until the fervor dies down. Then they can come back and ask for our votes. And you know what? We will give them our vote! And you know why? Because we are a nation of wimps!!

Democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Our government is a reflection of ourselves. And this is the government we elected as a representation of ourselves.  Wimpy and impotent!

I’ve seen an outpouring of public anger with slogans like “Enough is Enough”. Really is it? What *exactly* are we fed-up with? What *exactly* do we want? Speaking for myself, here’s what I want!


I want REAL PUNITIVE ACTION. I don’t want to hear about “non-state actors”. I don’t want to hear about “common-enemy”. I don’t want to hear about “peace process”. I want to hear about how and when specific terror locations were pulverized.  Dawood Ibrahim is said to live in Karachi. His address is : (WHITE HOUSE, NEAR SAUDI MOSQUE, CLIFTON in KARACHI (Pakistan)). His other details are at: http://www.hotklix.com/?ref=link/157453. I would like to believe that someone in the intelligence services knows his other whereabouts. I would like all of them bombed irrespective of collateral damage.

Granted that he is likely not hanging out in his Clifton bungalow – but the message is “We’re coming after you and we will nail your ass no matter where you are”.  Similarly, I want EVERY suspected training camp or madrassah in POK bombed.

I don’t want to hear about collateral damage, innocent civillians, collective punishment…. I want to see retribution – even if it is hugely expensive. Is this a bit dis-proportionate and heavy-handed?  YES. Precisely!!


It will tell the Pakistani establishment what we feel in *exactly* the language that they understand.  When confronted with horrific crimes, the Pakistani establishment talks about how their heart goes to the victims and their families …. but NEVER do they do anything concrete. They fall back on old defenses of saying that these are “non-state actors” or that they need “specific proof” of Pakistani involvement…


  1. The boats captured had GPS equipment with coordinates plotting the route they took from Karachi.
  2. The satellite phone recovered from the vessel had previously called numbers – pointing to terrorist cells in Pakistani territory.
  3. The terrorist CAPTURED ALIVE has confessed to being trained and equipped by the Lashkar-e-Tayeba in Pakistan along with all his compatriots. He has divulged extensive details about the operation and all of those point to activity emanating from Pakistan.

*EXACTLY* what constitutes more compelling evidence Mr. Zardari?

If you are still asking for proof then this itself is evidence  that you do not intend to “cooperate” or take any meaningful action. It is not as though the Pakistani establishment does not understand what is needed – they just don’t care! They have good reason to not care. They have never seen India being sincere in her outrage and hence has every reason to believe that once again India will just talk tough and then roll over and go back to sleep. Past performance bears testimony to the accuracy of this belief.

1993 Mumbai Bombings, 1999 Kargil Adventure (we were told those were non-state actors too), 1999 Indian Airlines hijacking to Khandahar,2001 Parliament Bombing, 2006-2008 Serial bomb blasts in Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, New Delhi……

And now you have the carnage in the waning weeks of 2008. Why should Pakistan believe that India cannot be taken for granted again? In fact, right now somebody in the establishment is probably thinking “Why do we need an Army at all when a small contingent of 10-15 terrorists can take down the financial capital for almost a week?”

Hence my conviction that Pakistan will change its course only when we give it incentive to do so. Massive and collossal bombing of suspected terror-sites should provide that incentive. The only question is: Do we have the stomach for it? Or are we a nation of wimps?  From the sound of our political leadership, it seems we are a nation of wimps!!


5 Responses

  1. I’m afraid I agree with Sunil.

    When 9/11 happened, US leaders talked tough, and I thought we might finally take decisive action. Instead, we contracted the war out to the Northern Alliance, lost OBL at Tora Bora, and then flushed untold blood and treasure down an ultimately irrelevant toilet called Iraq.

    I truly fear that none of the democracies will take truly meaningful action until a tragedy like the one whose spectre Sunil raises. In other words, when it’s too late.

  2. Just to add:

    It is impossible to overstate the opportunity that Bush & Co. let slip away after 9/11.

    Before Pearl Harbor, the American public was essentially isolationist. Pearl Harbor then ignited the people into a white-hot fury that never subsided until we completely destroyed Japan. Uncountable women and children were led–in incendiary and nuclear attacks–to death by a wretched military government.

    There is a strong argument to be made that the pre-9/11 US public had returned to its default isolationism, a luxury afforded by victory in the Cold War. And then 9/11 shocked people as never before. (Pearl Harbor was not only far from the mainland, but before the Internet/24×7 insta-news era.) Young men lined up at military recruitment centers… The immediate wake of the terror attacks were a time when the US govt had carte blanche to send American boys–hundreds of thousands of them!–to drain the Afghan/NW Pak swamp.

    Instead, our leaders’ handling of the emerged (not even latent, but emerged!) menace made Neville Chamberlain at Munich look brilliant by comparison.

  3. Excellent points made…I think….India will only react…when left with no choice..i mean really no choice….unless the terrorist release some chemical or biological bomb in india and kill millions..nothing will change..170 dead factor is not too much to get indian brain cells offended..

    keep writing

  4. Dave…Agree…US made possible for Pakistan to have nuclear weapons…to counter India..now that policy is coming back to bite them hard..see how they are fighting tooth and nail for Iran to not get nuclear weapon.

    Finally, they realise that, Pakistan is as failed as afganistan and now are shit scared with their weapon fallin in the hands of al queda

    The world has no choice..There will be world war 3 in couple of years….

  5. Nice article with valid points ……….India(Government) will not react until the leaders and their families are attacked……As long as they (leaders) are safe they do not think about the common man who elected them …..

    After 9/11 did any country mess with US. Why???Because US showed to the world what will be the impact if they mess with US.

    Coming to India since 1993 we have so many terrorist attacks…..did India ever try to attack/demolish any of those camps.No?? Instead we release some of the “goons” who go out and start their own camps. This shows how efficient our leaders are??

    This show by terrorist keeps repeating until our leaders get tough with Pakistan and attack the camps run by “non-state actors” .

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