Its official! Its the jews again!

The bright minds who go by the title of “Pakistani Security Experts” have concluded that the Mumbai carnage was the handiwork of the Hindus and the Jews.

And the basis for this razor-sharp insight ?

  1. They don’t “look muslim”.
  2. One guy has a yellowish-orange wrist-band – clearly a sign of the Hindu saffron brigade.

So it is abundantly clear that the Indians wanted to “stage” this -just like the Americans staged 9/11 (with help from the Mossad) except that the Indians are too dumb to do a decent job of staging things.

If you understand Hindi/Urdu – see the video at

The major thrust of this “thesis” is that the Saffron Brigade staged this specifically to ensure that the top cops are assassinated because the same top-cops were on the verge of cracking open a case which would conclusively incriminate the BJP/VHP of crimes against minorities.


One Response

  1. Actually, if it’s not just the usual Islamic bloodlust run amok, my preferred conspiracy theory is that the Mumbai massacre is an ISI attempt to help their Taliban friends. No sooner did the crisis start, than Islamabad started making noises about shifting forces from the NW Frontier Provinces to the Indian border.

    You can expect that the US will be pressuring Delhi very hard, behind the scenes, not to do anything meaningful. (A song first composed in honor of the Israelis.) This may even be why India immediately ruled out a military response.

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